Iran applauds Macron for trying to rescue nuclear deal

Macron responds to Trump with tweets
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday applauded the efforts of French President Emmanuel Macron to rescue Iran’s historic nuclear deal after the United States left it.

“Speaking to French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday by telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani described France’s attempts to keep the nuclear deal as a positive thing,” a statement said on its website.

Iran’s foreign minister is expected in Vienna on Friday to hold talks with leading French, Russian, German, Chinese and British diplomats on the future of the agreement, which has succeeded in building consensus among countries on the nuclear program limiting research in exchange for the relief of sanctions.

Rouhani said he hoped countries would create a “clear operational program” on how to offset the consequences of the US exit and its unilateral decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran.

President Trump ended US involvement in the agreement in 2015, announcing the gradual return of economic sanctions to Iran. Trump also warned European Union companies that they should either abandon operations in the country or face punitive measures.

Meanwhile, about 71% of French citizens believe that the policies of Macron are “unjust,” a survey by Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting for French radio and Le Figaro newspaper showed on Thursday.

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According to the survey results, Macron’s policy is considered “unfair” by both left-wing and right-wing parties.

Among those who choose the left-leaning party France Insoumise, 98% of respondents are against reforms, while in the Socialist Party, the sum reaches 78%.

On the other side of party politics, 75 percent of Republican supporters criticize the reforms, while 85 percent of voters at the National Meeting, the former National Front, also oppose Macron’s neo-liberal reforms.

In addition, the survey also reveals that 65% of respondents consider the measures taken by Macron are completely “ineffective”.

The survey gathered opinions of 1,005 French citizens and was held between 4 and 5 July.

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