The head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has stated that Iran does not take Washington’s military threats seriously because a war unleashed against Iran will cost its enemies dearly.

Jafari commented on the statement by US President Donald Trump that Iran would suffer consequences as few have ever suffered in history.

“The military threats made by the enemy are not very serious and they are empty, we have the power to respond to them,” Jafari said on Friday, speaking to students in Tehran, PressTV reported .

According to the commander, Iran’s enemies are more focused on undermining the country through a “soft war” rather than military action.

“Today the threats and sanctions of the enemies have reached their peak,” said Jafari. “However, the only threat they will not put into action is the military, because if they carry out a military aggression, that will entail enormous costs for themselves,” he said.

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The Iranian commander made these statements following Trump’s threats and information that representatives of the Australian government believe the US could launch attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities as early as August.

Relations between Washington and Tehran worsened in the middle of this year, when the United States unilaterally left the Iranian nuclear deal, again introducing sanctions previously suspended against Iran.

Iran heads the Axis of Resistance, a coalition that also includes Syria and Hezbollah. Their stated aim is to resist American imperialism and Zionism in the Middle East and remains the only credible Muslim thread against the existence of Israel. It is for this reason that the US continually undermines and attacks Iran as Israel is the US’ main partner in the region.

The removal of the current foreign policy of Iran will pave the way for the US to have complete hegemony over the region with Israel being its main enforcer.

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