By Padraig Joseph McGrath

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By Padraig Joseph McGrath, the Irish Crimean – Honestly, I really don’t get why people in Europe are so preoccupied with Trump, either favourably or unfavourably.

Trump is a political symptom of America’s gradual process of internal systemic meltdown. He’s incidental.
I see alt-right loons in Europe pinning their colours to the mast of USS Trump. And I see SJW’s in Europe equally preoccupied with him.


The United States’ ability to effectively or coherently project power abroad is still steadily declining under Trump, just as it steadily declined under Dubya and Obama. Trump will probably be the tipping-point in US geo-strategic decline. From here, it accelerates from steady decline to freefall.

But why should anybody in Europe really care about American domestic politics?

Geo-politically, Trump is indistinguishable from every US president in living memory, apart from the point that he’s radically less experienced. [But is that a bad thing? J.F – ed]

But really, why should anybody in Europe or Australia really care about US domestic politics?
Both Trump and the American cultural left who so despise him are just symptoms of American systemic meltdown anyway.

I mean, do you really care whether or not American trannies can access ladies’ toilets?
I don’t.

Do you really care whether or not bakers in Idaho are compelled to bake wedding-cakes for gay couples?
I don’t.

Do you really care about American gun-control laws?
I don’t.

Just let them wallow in their collective dysfunction.

We see the same process of polarization, animating the same camps of people, on other issues.
For example, isn’t it just a little bit bizarre that alt-right types in Europe and Australia get so upset about the Bill C-16 amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act?

Sure, Bill C-16 is downright loony, but it’s in CANADA.

So if you don’t live in Canada, then why do you care so much?

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Yes, there is an argument that bad ideas spread just like good ones do.
– European conservatives who foam at the mouth on the mention of Bill C-16, partially, are afraid of Trans-Atlantic contagion. The North American continent does have a tendency to export its loony bullshit to the most unlikely places.

They exported “child-centred education” to post-Communist central Europe. It’s weird to hear Czechs spouting American pop-psych bullshit to rationalize the fact that they produce 24 year-olds with the same cognitive ability which we used to expect from pre-pubescent kids. I remember a Ukrainian girl in Simferopol a few years ago going on at length about her personal “gender-issues.” Because I was a westerner, she must have simply assumed that I’d be interested. I rolled my eyes …

– “Could we possibly talk about something that fucking matters, or at least something which doesn’t bore the arse off me, like maybe oil & gas pipelines in central Asia, something like that?”

So on that level, I get it – European and Australian conservatives foam at the mouth over American loony-liberal stuff, just as European and Australian liberals go into orbit over Trump, partially, because they’re afraid of contagion …..

But precisely the fact that they’re so preoccupied with American domestic politics and America’s squalid little domestic culture-wars in the first place means that the contagion has already happened.

Whether you’re a rainbow-coalition blue-haired feminist or your MAGA-hat is your most prized possession – either way, if you’re super-preoccupied with all this stuff in spite of not even being American, then that just means that, either way, you’re a sad product of American cultural imperialism.

Surely that possibility must have occurred to you – both the alt-right Trump-loving stuff and the loony-liberal stuff are just flip-sides of the same ideological coin. They both serve a common ideological agenda – namely, American cultural imperialism.

Social media sets up a weird situation – just as the world’s geo-political centre has shifted back to Eurasia, and Chinese rather than English becomes the language for ambitious young people to learn, everything culturally happening inside America gets amplified once again.
As if it mattered.


Padraig McGrath was born in the Republic of Ireland in 1973. He has lived in Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic, and has published journalism and commentary on social and philosophical issues for a number of media for 15 years. He has been a regular contributor to Fort Russ News since 2015. He moved to Simferopol, Crimea in December 2013, 3 months before Crimea’s re-unification with Russia, and still lives there. Sometimes he’s grumpy, but he’s always honest. 



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