IS ISRAEL POISED TO STRIKE? Tanks and artillery move dangerously to border with Syria


On Sunday, Israel announced that it had sent additional military hardware, personnel, and weapons to the Golan Heights region of Syria that Israel occupies, on the ‘border’ with sovereign Syria as a “precautionary” measure.

According to the Israeli Army, the reinforcement with military equipment in this area is aimed at preserving security and does not change the supposed Israeli policy of nonintervention in matters of other states.

In analyzing the situation in the region, the Israeli Army made the decision to transfer additional armor and artillery to the Golan Heights.

“The troops were stationed there this morning under measures aimed at maintaining the army’s readiness amidst events taking place in the Syrian part of the Golan Heights,” the statement from the Israeli Army Press Service says.

The Israeli side has assured that this has nothing to do with interfering in internal affairs of other countries in the region and that it does not plan to participate in the fighting between the opposition and government troops in southern Syria.

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Despite this claim, Israel openly supports jihadist groups operating in this region. This help includes treating wounded jihadists so that they can continue their struggle against the secular Syrian government. It also cannot be taken seriously their claim as they continue to airstrike Syrian Army, Iranian and Hezbollah positions in Syria, yet it has not conducted a single airstrike against ISIS that occupies areas near the Zionist entity.

Therefore, despite the soothe-saying from Israel officials, it appears more clear that Israel is preparing to prevent the entire defeat of the jihadist proxy forces which it uses to destabilize and ‘contain’ Syria and its ally, Iran.

Israel occupied the Golan Heights in the 1967 Six-Day War and later annexed them unilaterally in 1981. No one, including the United States, recognizes the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. Since then, sovereignty over the area has been the subject of discussions about Israel’s territorial rights in the region. Before the war, the area belonged to Syria and the UN considers it “occupied territory”, while Israel defined it as “disputed territory”. The UN does nothing to return the Golan Heights to Syria.

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