ISIS attacks against Syria were ordered by Israel, fearing SAA gains


Retired Syrian brigadier General Ali Maqsoud said that there is a direct link between the terrorist attack in the town of Sweida on July 25 and the downing of Syrian aircraft by Israeli missiles.

For Maqsoud, both attacks were caused by the successes of the Syrian Army. As for the attack on the Syrian plane, Israel aimed to protect terrorists and claim the right to the occupied territories of the Golan Heights. Due to the massive terrorist attack, Americans now have ‘reason’ to remain in Syria.

“The United States has established a base in the Al-Tanf [border region of Sweida province] for the training of tens of thousands of terrorists, who were behind the ISIS attack on the 25th. The US now has a pretext for remaining in Syria, meaning they have given the terrorists an advantage in order to stay in Syria,” he said.

As for the incident with Israel, it all started with the evacuation of the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets.

“During the evacuation operation of the White Helmets from Syria, the Israelis also evacuated the heads of ISIS. There was a great fear that they would be captured by the Syrians and that in the hands of the Syrians the evidence would prove that the war against Assad was supported not only by Israel, but also the United Kingdom, the USA, the Netherlands, Denmark and even Japan,” Maqsoud explained.

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The retired general stressed that Israel launched the evacuation of White Helmets at the request of this organization and its sponsors, because Western countries feared that the White Helmets would remain in Syria and uncover all the secrets of their “shows about chemical attacks” that were all blamed on the Syrian government by Western powers.

However, Israel did not allow all terrorists to cross its border. Some of the radicals should be used for “local missions,” such as conducting terrorist attacks. Maqsoud is sure that the terrorists will do it in desperation because on the battlefield they are destined to lose and no one can or wants to help them.

Israel’s use of terrorist proxies in the Syrian conflict also shows their capacity for similar with regard to Palestinians. One would have to consider if any number of ‘Hamas’ attacks  on Israel as being false flags meant to give a pretext to destroy Palestinian infrastructure.

On July 25, ISIS terrorist attacks in the Syrian province of Sweida took the lives of more than 210 people – the number of injured exceeded 200. The day before, the Israeli Army announced that it had shot down a Sukhoi military aircraft belonging to the Syrian Air Force, stating that it entered 2 kilometers into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

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