ISIS GROWING? Terrorist group claims attack in Tajikistan


The terrorist group ISIS has assumed responsibility for the attack in Tajikistan on Sunday against a group of cyclists, which left four foreigners dead, FRN has come to learn.

A group of seven tourists strolling through the central Asian country were stunned last Sunday, in Danghara district, about 150 kilometers from the capital, Dushanbe.

According to local media, a vehicle ran over the group, and then at least one terrorist armed with a knife and a pistol attacked the cyclists, killing four and leaving three of them injured.

The fatal victims are from the United States, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The wounded are from the Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, suspects to carry out the attack were found and killed.

This comes as a raid against ISIS occurred in neighboring Afghanistan on Saturday. According to media reports on Saturday, about 16 ISIS members were killed while another 5 suspects were arrested during operations carried out by the Afghan Forces in Nangarhar province.

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Afghan forces have carried out a total of 12 offensive operations across the country during the past 24 hours, with air strikes targeted in various parts of the country, according to TOLOnews, quoting the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

The ministry, however, did not provide any information about casualties between Afghan and civilian forces, the paper added.

Afghanistan remains plunged into political, social and security instability due to the militant insurgency, including that of ISIS and the radical Taliban movement.

Despite both being Salafi Islamist groups, they are both tussled in a war to control areas of Afghanistan. The Taliban are seen being a more nationalist group as they mostly focus their efforts towards Pashtun regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan while ISIS is seen as an international terrorist group as they try to carve out a so-called Caliphate.

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