LATEST: Second Novichok attack unrelated to Russia

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According to UK Deputy Interior Minister Ben Wallace, data by English authorities have indicated that Russia has nothing to do with the poisoning of two people in Amesbury.

The two people who were hospitalized in the British city of Amesbury had been in contact with the chemical agent Novichok, but were not targeted for an attack, they said in London.

“These people were not connected to the Skripal family. It was not an attack, it was, I think, a contamination with Novichok,” said Ben Wallace.

The deputy minister also asked Russia to give the information it has about the incident in Salisbury despite the fact that Russia was not able to conduct its own investigation.

“Russia could correct what is wrong, they could tell us what happened, what they did and fill in some significant gaps that we tried to fill. We have said before and the prime minister has said [that] they can come and count. I’m waiting for a phone call from Russia,” Wallace told BBC Radio. However, because England has illegally withheld information from Russia about the attack upon a Russian national, Russia is not in a position to further help the island nation which in fact accuses Russia of being behind the initial attack.

The deputy minister also stressed that this is only one line of the investigation and that the police will investigate others.

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Today, Interior Minister Sajid Javid is to make a statement in parliament regarding the poisoning of the two British citizens.

On the morning of July 4, British police reported a “serious incident” in the town of Amesbury, where two people contacted the chemical agent Novichok and were placed in critical condition.

In March, British authorities alleged that Novichok was used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the town of Salisbury, not far from Amesbury. London accused the Russian government of poisoning, but Moscow firmly refuted all charges. London is also yet to provide any evidence that Russia was involved in the Salisbury incident that targeted the Skripal duo.

Given that this latest incident in Amesbury happened as it did and without a connection to Russia, it raises questions about the prevalence of the nerve agent in England, and raises further doubts about Russia’s alleged involvement in the initial attack.

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