MAJOR: Israel attacks Syrian Army


SANA news agency has reported on an Israeli attack on the Syrian T-4 base in Homs province, in which the Syrian air defense would have knocked down several missiles to repel the attack.

“Air defense systems repelled Israeli aggression, knocking down several missiles and knocking down one of the attack aircraft, forcing others to leave the airspace,” the agency claimed.

It was not the first attack at the Syrian base. On the night of April 9, Israeli aircraft attacked the Syrian airbase of Tifor, located in the Syrian province of Homs. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two F-15 fighters fired eight missiles, three of which hit the target and five were shot down. Russian advisers did not suffer during the attack.

Syria’s official SANA agency reported that as a result of the bombing, several people were killed and injured.

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In response to the T-4 base attack in early May, several missiles were fired at Israeli positions in the occupied Golan Heights. On May 10, Israeli aircraft attacked dozens of targets in Syria. The military explained that it was a response to Iran’s rocket in the Golan Heights, even though the Syrian military took credit for the attack.

Israel has continuously attacked with missiles and jets Syrian Army, Iranian and Hezbollah positions since the war began in 2011. However, despite ISIS and Al-Qaeda being on the border of the occupied Golan Heights, Syrian territory occupied by the Zionist entity since the Six Day War, Israel has yet to conduct a single attack on these internationally recognized terrorist organizations. Rather, the Zionist Entity has been treating wounded terrorists in its own hospitals and provided weapons. This is because Syria, Iran and Hezbollah constitute the Axis of Resistance, the only credible threat to the Zionist entity whilst ISIS, in one particular case, actually apologized to Israel for attacking the Israeli positions.

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