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Israeli rockets hit Syrian military positions north of Nayrab airport in Aleppo on Sunday.

According to local media reports quoted by Reuters, the attack would have caused only material damage, leaving no casualties or injuries. However, this has proven not to be true with the Syrian Army sustaining at least six martyrs.

According to reports shared on social networks, several aircraft would have participated in the operation, which lasted around ten minutes. As on previous occasions, the affected facilities would also be used by Iranian military personnel working in the country, assisting the Syrian Army. However, this again, has proven not to be true as none of the martyrs are Iranian.

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The Israeli military claims that it is only conducting airstrikes to protect their own borders, but in recent months their attacks are becoming further and further from the Israeli border region. They say to protect their borders they must attack Iranian positions in Syria as the country poses a threat to the existence of the Zionist entity. Despite Israel continually attacking Iranian positions and the Syrian Army in the country, neither are yet to make a response. This comes despite Tehran continually making threats to do so.

Iran considers that any response by them against Israel could potentially unleash a war against Israel and the US, and most likely Saudi Arabia. It is likely that Iran understands that it must first win the struggle in Syria to preserve the Axis of Resistance before they can worry about taking on Israel. Israel knows that the Axis of Resistance, the alliance between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, poses the greatest threat to their existance.

Last week, Syrian media reported that the country’s air defense forces had intercepted an Israeli attack on Quneitra province, which would also target military positions of Damascus troops near the towns of Hadar and Juba.

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