MAJOR: Syrian army prepares HUGE offensive for FINAL LIBERATION of IDLIB

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The Syrian Army is preparing a major operation to free the province of Idlib from terrorists, a Syrian military source has said.

Syrian troops are sending ammunition and military equipment to the north of the country near the borders of Idlib province, the source revealed.

“The troops are receiving information that the terrorists in the north of the country are preparing to carry out attacks against the Syrian Army – all the necessary measures have been taken to reinforce the positions of the troops, now they can repel a whole series of possible attacks,” the source added.

According to the interlocutor, units of the Syrian Army are moving towards the north of the province of Hama. In the next stage, it is planned to start an offensive against the positions of the terrorists group Jaysh al-Izza in towns like Kafr Zita, the Lataminah, Latmin, Zakat Arbaen, the Lahaya and Maarkabah.

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Terrorist forces in Idlib province are weakened by internal strife. Over the past eight months, as a result of several clashes between groups of combatants, nearly 8,000 radicals were killed. For the most part, they are members of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Tahrir al-Sham and Fatah al-Sham Front groups.

In the Syrian province of Idlib radical groups remain very diverse. Previously, experts had already stated that such different groups could not coexist peacefully in the same territory, yet the western world wants them to replace the democratically elected Bashar al-Assad.

Idlib is considered the main hub of terrorists in Syria. This came about because the entirety of the province, with the exception of the Shi’ite towns Fua and Kefraya, was overrun by jihadists who mobilized in Turkey in early 2015, expelling all pro-government forces. Many terrorists in other parts of Syria were evacuated to this province once they were losing battles to the Syrian Army, making it a main hub of jihadists in the country.

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