MAJOR VICTORY: Syria CAPTURES ISIS stronghold in Daraa province


This is another major point of progress in the Syrian conflict, as FRN previously reported it would be.

Syrian government troops re-established control over the town of Al-Shajra, the largest stronghold of the ISIS terrorist group in Daraa province, a Syrian Arab Army commander said.

“The Syrian Army re-established control over the village of al-Shajra, one of the last major bastions of ISIS in Daraa province,” the source said.

The officer added that the sappers began cleaning the liberated territory.

Last week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry deputy spokesman Artiom Kozhin said the operation to end terrorist groups in the Syrian provinces of Daraa and Al-Quneitra was about to end.

Syria has been undergoing a war since March 2011. Government troops are confronted by armed imperialist-backed opposition groups and terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front.

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According to data from senior UN officials, about 400,000 people were killed in clashes in the country.

Although ISIS’ defeat in Syria was declared last December, some fighters and other terrorist cells still remain in the region, as well as in western Syria.

However, the bulk of terrorists are now in the northwest province of Idlib. Idlib and the adjacent areas in Aleppo and Hama province is considered a powerful stronghold for terrorist groups as as militants relocated in deals from other parts of Syria mostly ended up in Idlib.

Idlib province was overrun by terrorist forces in 2015 when they mobilized in Turkey and stormed Syrian government positions, taking every part of the province bar the Shi’ite towns of Fua and Kefraya. Last week the two towns were evacuated, paving the way for the Syrian Army to launch full scale operations without worrying about civilian repercussions in the two towns.

It is still not known how Turkey will respond to the upcoming operation, but it spells bad news either way with the two options being, a migration crisis and the flooding of Turkey with even more jihadists, or, the complete elimination of terrorists that Turkey has invested billions of dollars into since 2011.

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