MASSIVE U.S Pressure on Poroshenko continues to build


No one doubts that the entire Ukrainian leadership is the puppets of the State Department and other US structures, which can only be compared with the tail of a dog. Kiev does not make its own decisions, although this is said at the highest level of government, fulfilling the will of the Western “guardians.”

However, American leadership does not necessarily take a loyal attitude towards Ukrainian politicians and all that they do. Sometimes tough ultimatums come from Washington, which Kiev must fulfill.

A rather sharp statement was received the other day from the head of the US State Department, Michael Pompeo. In an interview with one of the radio stations, he told what position the United States takes on the situation in the Donbas.

The Secretary of State said that Washington provided invaluable assistance to Kiev. According to the politician, these funds should help Ukraine and its citizens in conducting successful presidential elections in 2019.

Pompeo stressed that the States support the population of ‘independent Ukraine’ and hope for an early resolution of the conflict in the southeast of the state.

In turn, President of the Center for Innovation Consulting KDA, Ukrainian political scientist Dmitry Korneychuk called the American statement an ultimatum. The publication of this he posted on his Facebook page.

“Very important signals” are, in fact, the conditions that Washington sets today for Kiev. However, Kiev is unlikely to like this requirement. First of all, because Poroshenko and his entourage are laundering and earning quite a lot of money in this war and did not even think about fulfilling the Minsk accords.

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So it is possible that the Ukrainian government will try to prove itself “smarter than everyone else” here. After all, from the lot which leads the country, one can expect anything. In addition, Kiev is afraid of losing the Donbass.

This comes as the has US approved military and related  assistance to Ukraine in the aftermath Trump-Putin summit. While this sends a message to various actors who perceive it in multiple ways, the details of this support may or may not indicate something different from the messaging. This was seen in earlier reports that the US would resume funding for the White Helmets in Syria. In reality, a relatively small amount of money was approved to be sent to the White Helmets after being entirely (in terms of the public record) cut off from US sources. So the net funding for the White Helmets is still greatly reduced, however media reported the ‘simple fact’ that funding has been ‘re-approved’.


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