Moscow: White Helmets evac by Israel proves they were fighting units

The evacuation demonstrates that the groups were ISIS/Al Qaeda fighting groups, not humanitarian, and that they are supported fully by the Western powers

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The White Helmets evacuation carried out by the Zionist entity of Israel, a state that has refused to define its borders as actual states are required to do, is evidence of two major things, we are compelled to deduce from several points underscored by Moscow’s official view.

Fort Russ News reveals that it is confirmed at the highest levels of  Russian officialdom that their view, based on the direct physical evidence,  the White Helmets were evacuated chiefly by Israel.

Fact checking: There were a number of English language tweeters and online information hubs which promoted the line that the evacuation was carried out by the UN, and this line was repeated and seeped into real media. FRN has no information at this time whether the disinformation was intentional, or if it was a result of mainstream Western media-intelligence penetration of ‘alternative’ media. This process is described as the virtualization of net-centric warfare.

What Moscow said: The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the evacuation of the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets is a sign of the organization’s hypocrisy.

“The symbolic thing is that White Helmets preferred to flee from Syria, supported by the outside and thus revealed their nature and demonstrated their hypocrisy to all,” the Russian ministry said.

According to the ministry, the organization “has clearly demonstrated who finances its existence“.

In addition, Russia’s Foreign Ministry commented on statements by the US State Department about Moscow failing to meet its obligations in southwestern Syria.

“We would like to point out that, in fact, it is the opposite, it was Washington during these many months who did nothing to separate in the demilitarized zone the so-called moderate opposition groups from ISIS and the al-Nusra Front terrorists,” the Russian ministry said.

According to Moscow, “now in southwestern Syria, thanks to the successful activities of the Syrian military and our support, order and legitimacy have been restored and conditions for returning to peaceful life have been created.”

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This comes as the Israeli army evacuated from Syria the White Helmets and their families at the request of the United States and some European countries. The director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Planning, Aleksandr Gusev, commented the news to Russian media, pointing to the reason for the withdrawal.

According to the expert, the White Helmets “have completely discredited themselves” by disseminating false information in the media about alleged chemical attacks in Syria.

The fact that they were withdrawn shows, according to Gusev, demonstrates that they would have fulfilled their task.

“It shows that apparently the White Helmets have fulfilled their task and can be withdrawn from Syria,” he commented.

As for the role of Israel, the analyst indicates two reasons why the organization was evacuated by Israel.

“It is a country that has the financial and political support of the great capital of the West and is close to [Syria]. It is clear that Israeli intelligence controls a very large area of Syria and it is easier for it to withdraw members of the organization,” Gusev told Russian media.

A volume of growing journalism, analysis, and direct physical evidence shows that White Helmets were embedded with Al Qaeda, FSA, and ISIS units, often switching roles, and playing roles as fighting units as well.




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