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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that NATO wants to prevent Russia from becoming a geopolitical competitor against the organization. It is this that fuels the new Cold War.

NATO countries are trying to prevent Russia from becoming a geopolitical competitor, especially a competitor that has allies,” Shoigu said.

“To this end, different institutions are used, including international institutions and many areas of activity: politics, economics and even culture and sport,” he said.

The minister added that “recently, a negative trend related to the deliberate strengthening of NATO’s military activity has gained momentum in Eastern Europe.”

“In these conditions, we show openness, kindness and lack of aggression towards other countries,” he said.

The NATO statement issued at the bloc summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12 indicated that the Alliance considers Russia a challenge for Euro-Atlantic security and stability. However, this is most likely related to an imbalance of firepower.

After comparing the operational tactical system Iskander with the capabilities of the NATO anti-missile defense system in Europe, the US Military Watch concluded that the alliance would have nothing to counter the Russian weapon.

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“By taking into account the experience of using the Patriot systems in combat, they would hardly be able to intercept the Iskander, so that NATO installations will be virtually without any protection from the Russian system,” the authors wrote .

The experts reinforced their conclusion with the recent results of the use of the Patriot systems in Yemen, where the American system proved less than effective. 

The R-17 (Scud B in NATO classification) was adopted in service in 1962 and, according to the authors, it is a much simpler weapon than the Iskander.

According to the article, the adoption of the Iskander systems to the service had caused worries on the part of the European allies of the USA. The Swedish military chief claimed that Russian troops using these weapons could quickly destroy the country’s military installations and airfields, securing their advantage in the event of a possible conflict.

Meanwhile, the authors pointed out that the position of the Iskander in the west in Russia will allow the country’s army to reach almost anywhere in northern Europe.

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