by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed ISIS terrorists kidnap dozens of Syrian Druze women and children from Sweida after massacring 250+ civilians in house-to-house raids, shootings and suicide attacks…

Zionist media says nothing, mentions it in passing or justifies it by writing the victims off merely as “pro-Assad”.

US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Nigerian army kidnaps 50 young Nigerian Shi’a women after slaughtering hundreds (possibly over 1,000) Islamic Movement of Nigeria partisans in the Zaria Massacre and imprisoning Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat and hundreds of others…

Zionist media is completely SILENT.

US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Boko Haram mercenaries allegedly abduct 276 Nigerian schoolgirls from the Borno State town of Chibok in an operation that REEKS of a false flag

Zionist media won’t shut up on the matter because War-Criminal-In-Chief Baruch Uncle O’toma’s wife Michelle tweeted about it and it serves as the perfect pretext for America and the usurping Jewish entity to expand AFRICOM.

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Get the picture?

Dehumanization and selective humanitarianism. Black and Brown lives — and Gentiles generally — only matter when their blood can be used to further the hegemonic agenda of the Empire. If dead Arabs, Muslims and Africans can’t be exploited to bring on an invasion that gives “Tel Aviv” and Washington a geopolitical advantage in a resource-rich, strategic part of the world, they become non-news and the masses never hear of their agony.

Case in point: Six media companies produce 90% of the (dis)information you consume on a daily basis. NBC/Comcast is run by Brian Roberts–a Zionist Jew. News Corp is run by Rupert Murdoch–a Zionist Jew. Disney is run by Robert Iger–a Zionist Jew. Viacom is run by Sumner Redstone–a Zionist Jew. Time Warner is run by Aviv Nevo–a Zionist Jew. And CBS is run by Leslie Moonves–a Zionist Jew. This repetition is deliberate so it’s drilled into your brains. Wanna know why you’re fed lies about states, movements and individuals who resist Zio-Imperialism? ‘Cause the entirety of the corporate press is RUN BY ZIONIST JEWS! It ain’t quantum physics!

Turn off your televisions. Go to Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Parasitic, independent and nonaligned media instead. Al-Manar. Al-Ahed News. Press TV. Al-Masirah. Al-Mayadeen. Al-Akhbar. As-Safir. Fars News. Tasnim. SANA. RT. Sputnik. Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq’s (R.A.) Ascertain The Truth. Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth. Joaquin Flores’s Fort Russ. Randi Nord’s Geopolitics Alert. Ali Salaam’s Insight Media. Sarah Abed’s Rabbit Hole. Mnar A. Muhawesh’s Mint Press News. Leith Abou Fadel’s Al-Masdar. And yes, Mouqawamah Music too. Among many more.

We pray for the safe return of the Syrian Druze innocents from Sweida and the Nigerian Shi’a from Zaria. We also pray for the destruction of their captors and oppressors–who are among the worst collaborators to ever breathe. One thing’s for sure… Regardless of what their fates may be… And we are hoping for the best whilst preparing for the worst… You won’t be reading about it anywhere in the cesspool of legerdemain commonly referred to as the mainstream media.

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