Post WWII Soviet reconstruction know-how to be used in Syria


The experience of the reconstruction of the Soviet Union after World War II (1941-1945) can be used in Syria, said the director of the National Defense Center of Russia, Mikhail Mizintsev, during a meeting of the command to coordinate the return of refugees to Syria .

“During the process of solving vital tasks for the Syrian people, in the context of the reconstruction of the country, it will be necessary to draw on historical experience,” said the military chief.

“We need to draw on our experience of the post-war restoration of the country, as well as the solutions practiced in other countries, which have suffered during wars and local armed conflicts,” said Mizintsev.

According to the senior Russian official, the Russian experience of reconstruction of the economy is incomparable, as complex tasks were carried out in the shortest time and with more active popular participation.

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“The recovery period of our country, initially evaluated in 15 years, had been reduced many times. After only five years the country became the second largest economy in the world,” he concluded.

However, this was only possible due to the tight state policy and planning that was possible under Stalin’s economic model. Under his leadership, the Soviet Union was able to go from one of the most devastated countries in the aftermath of World War II, to being the first country to send a person into space.

This rapid reconstruction as seen with the Soviet Union will not be so easily achieved in Syria as it has much less manpower and natural resources in comparison. However, thanks to Russia and China, Syria does have strong allies who have the resources and knowledge to quickly reconstruct the war torn Arab state. Just like the Soviet Union in World War Two, Syria now faces an imperialist war orchestrated by the US.

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