The representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite Contact Group for Donbass, Irina Gerashchenko, says that all Ukrainian soldiers released from captivity were found to have traces of torture, and at least 12 of them were raped.

This is a Ukrainian official, who is known traditionally for advertising fake stories about “inhuman deprivation” of Ukrainian punishers in the territory of the People’s Republics, saying this in an interview with the publication “Ukrainian Truth”. The publication is a known disinformation outlet, however not all the stories published on the outlet are ‘fake’. 

I have a certificate regarding the diagnoses that the doctors have established after examining our released hostages.

Everyone had craniocerebral injuries. This indicates that they were tortured and beaten on the head.

Everyone had a problem with their teeth. This also indicates torture, beatings, poor nutrition, and lack of air. And 12 people confessed to sexual rape, “

– asserts Gerashchenko.

She does not hide that after the liberation all Ukrainian soldiers fall into the tenacious “embraces” of the Ukrainian special services. What is being suggested here is that evidence of beating may have been produced by Ukrainian special services. 

After all, this is a war, and Ukrainian soldiers are little more than cannon fodder. The strategic blunder which was the Debeltsevo cauldron showed to the world what little regard the Ukrainian authorities had for their own armed forces. Countless thousands were killed by defensive positions of the DPR, and were force-marched into an unwinnable fight. The sole purpose was to ‘buy time’ and ‘show progress’ as leaders met to discuss the terms of a ceasefire. It ended in what was little more than a meat-grinder for thousands of misled youth and unemployed workers, of the Ukrainian army. If thousands can be sacrificed simply to gain a marginal advantage in negotiations, then obviously a dozen soldiers could be beaten, in order to produce propaganda.

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This is not to say that rebel leaders have not abused Ukrainian soldiers, in some instances, however.

“It is very important when special services can work with liberated people not only because someone suspects them in something. It is from these conversations that we collect information by drop, who the militants can still keep,” explained Gerashchenko’s interrogation strategy.

The conflict in Ukraine came as a result of a US backed coup on the heels of a US state department funded Color Revolution, which toppled the barely popular but nevertheless legitimately elected president Yanukovich. This sparked a secession movement in two regions, the Crimean Peninsula and the Donbass. The Russian federation has recognized the Crimean referendum, but has not yet recognized the DRP and LRP that comprise the Donbass.

Presently there is a ‘ceasefire’ which is breached on nearly an hourly basis, with minimally small arms fire being heard along various points of the contact line, all day. Ukraine and the Donbass rebellion leaders reached a compromise known as the Minsk II Agreement, in which Ukraine is supposed to change its constitution and recognize the Donbass as an autonomous zone. Ukraine has failed to change the constitution, and nevertheless western media continues to promote the disinformation that there is something left unfulfilled on the part of the rebels.



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