REALITY CALLS: US Senator sees ineffectiveness of Russia sanctions after Moscow visit

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US Senator Ron Johnson, who recently paid a visit to Russia, said Washington’s sanctions against Moscow had no effect, the Washington Examiner wrote.

A group of senators and congressmen arrived in Russia on June 30. On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, received the delegation, in addition, the American politicians met with Russian deputies.

“You undertake something and no one ever sits down to analyze, ‘Does it work ,'” the Senator said according to the article.

Johnson pointed out that the sanctions do not have the devastating economic effect that was thought to have on Moscow.

“And I think it would be difficult to say that the sanctions against Russia are really working very well,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the politician said that Russia intends to reestablish its influence in the former USSR [Soviet Union], and if anyone wants to stop it, it needs to be opposed to that, but that does not mean that we should be adversaries,” he said.

Relations between Russia and Western countries have deteriorated amid events in Ukraine and around the Crimean peninsula. The West, accusing Moscow of interference, has introduced sanctions against the country. In turn, Russia has imposed retaliatory measures and has initiated a policy of import substitution, repeatedly stating that “talking to the country in the language of sanctions is totally unproductive.” Crimea reunified with Russia in 2014 after an overwhelming majority of people in the peninsula voted for this action in a referendum that was conducted to international standards and laws. Despite this, the West, backing the Ukraine, placed sanctions on Russia.

Crimea historically is a part of Russia but was transferred to Ukraine during the Soviet Union era. It was not considered a major issue at the time as it was not envisaged that the Soviet Union would collapse some decades later, however, after its eventual collapse in 1991, Russian identifying people found themselves within the borders of Ukraine.

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