REVEALED: Syrian Army finds ISIS weapons made in the US

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According to the local media, the Syrian Army has repeatedly discovered during the Deir and Zor operation large caches of weapons and ammunition belinging to ISIS containing stockpiles of US production.

In a large arsenal found in the possession of ISIS were weapons, ammunition, telecommunication equipment and mortar shells of American production, reports the Syrian state agency SANA.

According to the report, the arsenal included 120mm mortars, BM-21 Grad rockets, 107mm rockets, 40mm grenades, anti-tank missiles and also a large number of mines and explosives.

Previously, the Syrian Army recorded another video of a warehouse with weapons and munitions of western manufacture used by jihadist militants. According to SANA, all weapons, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, grenade launchers, projectiles, gas masks, grenade launchers, mortars, heavy machine guns, are manufactured in Western countries. Many of them were not used in combat yet.

An email between Hilary Clinton and Podesta and released by Wikileaks revealed that they both knew that ISIS was being directly funded by both Saudi Arabia and Qatar and that both puritanical kingdoms were doing little to stop this flow of cash to the terrorist organization.

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The US has also made little attempts to defeat ISIS despite illegally intervening in Syria since 2014. When the US-led coalition began its air campaign against ISIS, the terrorist organization actually expanded its areas of control. However, when Russia began its intervention in September 2015, the terrorist organization began significantly contracting, especially because the Russian air force first prioritized the blood-oil trade between ISIS and Turkey that was ignored by the US.

ISIS was making billions of dollars selling Syrian oil to Turkey while the US-led coalition completely ignored the tens of trucks crossing the border between Turkey and territories held by the terrorist organization. Once this stopped, the Russian air force carefully coordinated with the Syrian Army to defeat the jihadist group.

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