See the ‘most advanced Russian submarine of its class’


US Military Watch newspaper notes that soon the Russian Navy will be strengthened with new submarines of different classes. The main focus is placed on the submarines of the Yasen project.

In estimating the current state of the Russian naval industry, the newspaper indicates that the construction of submarines is the area that Russia best developed after the disintegration of the USSR.

Experts suggest that in the near future the Russian military industry may focus on the development of Yasen and Varshavyanka vessels.

Varshavian (kilo class) submarines will serve the Russian navy, but will also be exported to other countries, including China, Iran, Algeria and Vietnam.

Among the most innovative ships and posing a major threat to opposing forces, the paper highlights the vessels of the Yasen and Khaski projects, which are still under development.

Submersibles of this class are known as “black holes” because they are extremely quiet and difficult to detect. Some of them equip the Black Sea Fleet, being one of the most powerful weapons of this naval grouping.

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“The [Yasen] submarine is probably the most advanced ship of its class. These colossal vessels have unlimited reach and are capable of carrying up to 40 Kalibr and Kh-101 cruise missiles as well as torpedoes,” explained experts.

The media added that these ships can also carry 32 Oniks cruise missiles.

“Despite their size, the crew of these submarines is only 90 men, which indicates a high level of automation, considerably higher than the American and Chinese equivalents [ships],” analysts noted.



The 4th generation ships of Project 885 Yasen are Russia’s most modern and expensive multipurpose nuclear submarines. The first submersible of this type came into service in 2014.

The main ability of the Yasen is the destruction of land and submarine targets. They can sail autonomously for 100 days and reach an underwater speed of 31 knots (57 km/h).

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