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Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that in the Western Military District since 2016, more than 70 formations and military units have been formed. He said this at a meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“The situation developing in the western strategic direction requires us to continuously improve the combat strength of the troops and the system of their basing. To this end, since 2016, more than 70 formations and military units have been formed, including two divisions and three brigades, “he said.

In early July, it was reported that the artillery of the tank army of the Western Military District destroyed the mechanized column of the conventional enemy at the Golovenki training ground in the Moscow region. 152 mm “Msta-B” howitzers were used. About 200 servicemen and more than 20 military equipment took part in the exercise.

Earlier, Russia’s ambassador to Warsaw, Sergey Andreev, said that Poland’s plans to deploy an armored division on its territory have the potential to create havoc for international security and will be taken into account when building Russian policy.

This announcement by Shoigu comes at the same time that he also expressed concerns about NATO’s mounting presence and momentum, a troop build-up in Eastern Europe.

Reporting on this, FRN quoted Shoigu earlier today. He expressed that “recently, a negative trend related to the deliberate strengthening of NATO’s military activity has gained momentum in Eastern Europe.”

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“In these conditions, we show openness, kindness and lack of aggression towards other countries,” he said.

The NATO statement issued at the bloc summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12 indicated that the Alliance considers Russia a challenge for Euro-Atlantic security and stability. However, this is most likely related to an imbalance of firepower.

Given that numerous analysts including NATO’s own official spokespeople have stated clearly that European combined forces are not capable of effectively combating Russia in the event that the continental giant were to go on the offensive, it is curious what NATO’s buildup is aimed at.

It would be reasonable to look at the relationship between NATO announcements and the rise in stock value of US based military industrial complex firms, and their EU counter-parts.

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