by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – This one is a waterworks-bringer. Pictured here is Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution, with several disabled veterans of Hizbullah who lost their ability to walk (and in one moujahid’s case, his very limbs) in the fight against ‘Israel’ 12 years ago. The Imam met with these heroic individuals two weeks ago to commemorate the 2006 July War which culminated in Hizbullah’s Divine Victory over Empire Judaica. Between Khamenei’s smile and the Mouqawamah fighters’ sheer humbleness just to be in his presence, there’s so much Nour here that it can burn through the strongest sunglasses and take one’s eyes with it. What these legendary blessings–yes, that is what they are, living, breathing blessings–sacrificed wasn’t merely for Lebanon’s south.

It was not just for the Shi’a. Nor the Sunnis. Nor the Christians. Nor the Druze. Nor the rest of Lebanon. Nor all of Bilad al-Sham. Nor the Resistance itself and the Axis it is the bright and beating heart of. Nor even our entire region either. No. What these Hizbullahis gave up is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.

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Hizbullah saved the world — the whole world — in the blistering summer of 2006. By crushing the artificial, child-killing Jewish “state” on Lebanese soil, Lebanon’s Muhammadi-Husseini guardians also stopped a massive invasion of Gaza to kill off the Palestinian Resistance; an overt operation to take down Damascus; an expansion of the occupation in Iraq; and the grand-daddy-mac of them all, a NATO aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran, a conflict that could’ve triggered WW3. The “New Middle East” project was killed dead. Hizbullah did that. Not the Judaized “Palestine Solidarity Movement” [and its kosher, thought-policing discourse] which has largely turned on the Party due to events in Syria today.

Not the whining, crying, defeated collaborator Fouad Siniora pleading with the enemy to stop its carnage. Not the worthless UN. Not the Sorosite “human rights” groups. Hizbullah. Hizbullah. HIZBULLAH. With Imam Khamenei and Iran there with 100% political, spiritual, financial and military support every step of the way. These men are who we look upon to lead us into the streets of Al-Quds. These men are who we look upon for our hope. Our strength. They are our reminder that the Party of ALLAH (SWT) will forever be victorious. Disabled in body but as mighty as ever in spirit; so mighty they STILL make the Zio-Tumor quake. Long live the Lebanese Islamic Resistance. Long live the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Labaykah ya Khamenei! Labaykah ya Nasrallah!

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