SPACE JEWS: NASA & Israel’s space agency strike deal

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NASA and the Israeli space agency agreed to increase cooperation in a memo that was announced in a Twitter statement by NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine on Thursday.

“Today, I signed a Joint Statement with @ILSpaceAgency director reaffirming @NASA’s strong interest in strengthening cooperation between our two space agencies. With the support of international partners like Israel, we can achieve great things for humankind!” said Bridenstine.

He also said: “I’m looking forward to finding more ways for @NASA to partner with Israel as both countries push the boundaries of science and space exploration.”

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The US and Israeli space agencies have been conducting joint research projects since shortly after the Israeli Space Agency was founded in 1983 according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

In 2003, former Israeli fighter pilot Ilan Ramon became the first Israeli in space as part of the crew of the Columbia space shuttle.

Space has become the latest flashpoint of contention as the United States, spearheaded by President Donald Trump, wants to monopolize the immediate vicinity around earth, especially against Russia and China. Flashpoints between these three great powers exist all over the globe, such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the South China Sea and in more recent times, the Arctic, however, it was never envisaged that space would become the latest point of contention.

It is assumed this is the case so that the US can have a monopoly on satellites capable of attacking targets on earth.

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