Syrian General: ‘Terrorists flee the army, leaving foreign weapons behind’

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Syrian Brigadier General Muri Hamdan said the recent rapid advance of the Syrian army was made possible by the fact that many terrorists had simply fled.

“There have been a number of clashes, but not as severe as we expected,” he said. “The militants have decided to avoid direct confrontation and capture,” he said.

Earlier, Syrian general Nizar Ismail said in a statement that during the Syrian Army advancement in Daraa, local militants left hundreds of guns and tons of ammunition behind when they fled. To that end, Muri Hamdan added that a significant portion of the weapons was modern.

“Recently, Amman stepped up security at the border, so they could not have come from there. Still, these were modern weapons that came into the country from outside,” the Syrian brigade general said.

The situation in southern Syria has worsened in recent weeks with government troops launching an offensive to drive out militants who refuse to participate in the ceasefire in response to the terrorists who bombed the cities of Daraa and Suwayda.

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Meanwhile, on Friday morning, the head of the joint information center of the joint operation of the southern Syrian opposition Abu Shima said that the opposition reached a ceasefire agreement with representatives of Russia in Daraa province.

“The agreement has been reached in extracting terrorists to Idlib from those who do not want to stay in the south. This means the gradual renunciation of heavy weapons… The agreement on the immediate cessation of hostilities has been reached,” he said.

The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation has previously stated that 27 towns have voluntarily joined the ceasefire regime in the southern provinces of Quneitra, As-Suwayda and Daraa over the course of the week.

In just a matter of weeks the Syrian Army has nearly completely liberated the entirety of the eastern Daraa countryside.

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