Trump Declares the EU a ‘Foe’ going into Helsinki talks with Putin

By Diego Pappalardo


As we gear up for the big summit, Trump announces that Europe is the US’s ‘foe. But what are Trump’s goals from this meeting, and what can Trump and Putin see eye to eye on? – ed, JF

Prominent actors from different factions of power and many international observers are highlighting with great interest the meeting scheduled in Helsinki, Finland, between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The aforementioned meeting will take place in an open, complex and reconfiguring global geopolitical reality, so that the summit on Finnish soil is not embedded in the logic of Yalta, since it concerns an already outdated historical period.

Trump turns to Putin’s Russia for his own interests and without breaking the terms of the outlined global policy scheme and its intranational objectives. Trump’s main enemies are Putin’s opponents and vice versa. The globalist elite wants to interrupt the demolition of its machinery in the United States and perseveres in its strategic planning of war against Russia.

The republican, globalist and Russophobe senator, John McCain, declared that “Putin is our enemy” and asked Trump to be “strong and tough” with the Russian president and recompose the transatlantic alliance.1

According to the globalist dictates, the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, formally presented charges against 12 officers of the intelligence service of the Russian Armed Forces for alleged hacking crimes in the framework of the 2016 presidential election, which served as a pretext for the Democratic leadership to request the cancellation of the summit of Helsinki.2 For that same globalist reason, the Greek government expelled two Russian diplomats and banned the entry of two other Russian nationals.

The US president crucially needs to stabilize himself in the White House so that, subsequently, the structures of the globalists can be consolidated and demolished decisively. The meeting with Putin and, above all, the midterm elections of November 2018 are important in the path of the White House resident. Trump has no fascination for exporting the best values ​​of American liberal democracy, nor does he stimulate in any way the ideology of human rights; neither is Russia’s deterritorialization mobilized, nor the association with British power in the struggle of that one against Putin.

The Trump Project consists in rescuing the United States from the decline it suffers as a hegemon and from its feasible suppression in History at a time of foundation of a new era of History. The Sino-Russian union is another issue that worries Trump, therefore, he is willing to use friendly tactics to reduce the confluence between Putin and Xi Jinping.

Likewise, for Putin, a transcendental approach with Trump is valuable because the Trumpian program discards Russia as enemy number one and provides it with beneficial assistance in the international arena and in his friction with the organizations of power that preserves the Atlanticism in Russia, without destroy his connection with the clan of Xi Jinping. In the architecture of both administrations there are representatives of the mutual enemy that both leaders have. But, in turn, both Trump and Putin sustain useful relationships with links such as Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Chabad Lubavitch network, among many others.

Trump and Putin aspire to the harmony of their corresponding interests through a strategic agreement for a reciprocal gain, without biasing the power symmetry of both designs. Interaction and stepped cooperation between Trump and Putin will also – incompletely – favor actors such as Al-Assad and Netanyahu and even geo-economic poles. The radical and global modification of the international system is under way and the first consensus that emerges in Helsinki will have restrictions but it will also have the subsequent elaboration of tools in front of a common enemy that is too powerful and shrewd.



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