TRUMP: Open Dialogue Vital for U.S, Russia & World


At the summit in Helsinki, world leaders discussed issues of importance to the world and agree to continue the dialogue, stressing that “cooperation” is better than “confrontation”.

In the Finnish capital, on July 16, Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump attended their first formal summit.

Following the private meeting and negotiations accompanied by their delegations, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, attended a joint press conference.

At the beginning of his speech, Donald Trump again congratulated Russia for the excellent organization of the 2018 World Cup, not forgetting to speak very well of the Russian National Team.

As he began a major part of his presentation, the US president focused on the current problems in the Middle East. First, the US leader stressed the importance of pressure on Iran to “stop its campaign of violence and nuclear aspiration in the Middle East.”

Key themes discussed during the summit include the Syrian crisis, Israel’s security, future US-Russian cooperation, resolution of the situation on the Korean peninsula and the US exit from the Global Joint Action Plan and other important issues.

Cooperation that can save thousands of lives in Syria

Speaking about Syria, the US president stressed that US-Russian cooperation could save thousands of lives in the country. In addition, he stressed that Washington expects the US, Russia and Israel to work together in Syria to end the protracted crisis.

“Working with Israel is excellent. Israel’s security assurance is what we, along with Putin, would like to see,” Trump said. He also pointed out that 98-99% of Syrian territory has already been liberated from ISIS and called it a breakthrough.

“Our hopes are realistic, but we trust in friendship, cooperation and peace. I think Russia shares this aspiration,” he said.

However, FRN notes to the readership that Israel continues, itself, to illegally occupy the Golan Heights part of Syria.

Solve everything through dialogue

The president said that “cooperation” is better than “confrontation”. “Our relations have never been worse [than today], but four hours ago this has changed,” stressing that it is necessary to continue the dialogue.

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“The ongoing dialogue corresponds to the interests of both countries and we agree to do so,” he said.

Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula

The US president expressed confidence that Russia is ready to work with the United States and solve the North Korean nuclear issue. And he thanked Putin and Russia for their readiness.

“Last month I discussed with Kim Jong-un the denuclearization issues in North Korea and today I am sure that President [Vladimir] Putin and Russia also want to end this problem and are ready to work with us on this issue,” he said. .

‘Russian interference’ in the 2016 elections

Then the US leader paid attention to the issue related to the 2016 presidential elections and to “Russian interference”, in particular, about compromising data that Russia allegedly had against him.

“If [the Russians] had any material, they would have introduced it,” he emphasized.

There was no collusion with Putin in the North American elections of 2016, noted Donald Trump, adding that he did not even know his Russian counterpart at the time of the election.

Is Russian Crimea a ‘Closed Question’?

During the summit, the Russian and US presidents also paid attention to the issue of Crimea.

Donald Trump’s position on the status of the peninsula is not new. And he keeps following it. For him, the Crimea was annexed by Russia. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t nevertheless be recognized. Nonetheless, Russia has “another point of view”, with the referendum being carried out in accordance with international law. Therefore, for the Russian Federation it is a “closed question”.

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