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By Alexander Zubchenko – On July 5, presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko on the air of the state TV channel “UA: Pershy” accused Poroshenko of preparing to disrupt the election by introducing martial law. According to Tymoshenko, the commander-in-chief, being in desperation from his low rating, negotiates with the leaders of the LPR and DPR to get them to further aggravate the situation in the zone of the so-called “operation of special forces”. The APUs hand over several settlements to the “aggressor”, Poroshenko introduces martial law, and, of course, presidential elections, due to be held in March next year, are postponed indefinitely. Five minutes of morning performance of Tymoshenko caused a real panic in the administration of Peter Alekseevich [Poroshenko -ed].

Half an hour after the release of the program with Kytsyunder, the head of the national television company with the typically Ukrainian surname Alasania was already sweating in the reception of the guarantor of the nation. The funny situation was also in the fact that Zurab Alasania is a protege of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. He took him with him to Kiev from Kharkov and put him in the position of the top manager of the “main channel of the nation.” It’s clear that Zurab was the best at cutting billions allocated from the budget for “re-branding the nation’s first TV channel”.

But here the puncture is more abrupt: on the air of the state TV channel, Tymoshenko actually accused the commander-in-chief of preparing the coup. And how else can we call the illegal extension of the president’s powers with the help of the leaders of the “self-proclaimed republics”? So Zurab was sweating in the reception room. He had to wait a long time, because the infuriated Pyotr Alekseevich fought for Avakov. But the mobile minister of the interior told the guarantor of the nation that the subscriber was out of the access zone and had him, the supreme commander-in-chief, in all the interesting places. *Whistles*.

Poroshenko decided that a coup had begun. Zurab was called, to whom the guarantor splashed out the emotions that had accumulated in him. Accumulated, I must say, decently: shrieking, screaming, accusation of “zrade,” threats of imprisonment, confiscation and even deportation. Alasania was justified by the fact that the program “Good morning, country!”, On which Yulia Vladimirovna dropped the commander-in-chief, makes an extraneous “production company” Era-Media “. He, Zurab, did not know at all what would be there, and was extremely surprised. Immediately Alasania swore allegiance to Poroshenko and called Avakova bad words. It was decided to terminate the contract with the subversive company, and as for Zurab himself, Poroshenko promised to think about it.

After the spanking of Alasania, an emergency meeting of the informal electoral headquarters of Poroshenko in the AP was held. The secretary of the Security Council, Alexander Turchinov, the leader of the faction of the BCP in the Rada, Arthur Gerasimov, the head of the SBU, the famous “Babchenko revivalist” Vasily Hrytsak, the married couple Lutsenko (Yura – the prosecutor general, Ira – the permanent representative of the president in the parliament) and the minister of information policy Yuri Stets, who is constantly in an inadequate state due to illness. Prime Minister Groisman ignored the meeting, citing important and urgent matters. The guarantor could not get through to the Minister of Internal Affairs, ignoring the proposal to leave a voice message and go further.

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Sadly examining the thinning ranks of “faithful companions”, Pyotr Alekseevich spoke about the difficult international situation and the need to cut the head of the Kremlin hydra, which, he said, began to raise its head. They decided to cut it straight from Tymoshenko. It is “Putin’s mouthpiece in Ukraine”, therefore, we should immediately launch a campaign to discredit this “Kremlin propagandist.” The program “Good morning, country!”, Which gave the floor to Kytsyunder, to be removed from the air of the First National from the tenth of July. And most importantly, immediately begin preparations for the early parliamentary elections, which should be held as early as this autumn. The re-election of the Rada should channel the discontent of the electorate with the policies of the incumbent president and, as it were, delay his inevitable end. Everyone left and quietly dispersed. And then the most interesting began.

Secretary of Security Council Oleksandr Turchynov quickly ridden the post in Twitter: he said that he never held the post of chief of the electoral headquarters of Poroshenko, and he does not even have plans for the likes of him. “Zrad”? Without any doubt. Turchinov sat for decades under the skirt of Julia Vladimirovna, on his vast bald head there is still a clear imprint of her vagina. After betraying his “mummy”, Alexander Valentinovich received the post of Secretary of the Security Council on the quota of the “Popular Front” Yatseniuk-Avakov. But he threw “front-line soldiers” too, making a bet on Poroshenko. And now, when it became clear that the commander-in-chief was doomed, he began again to negotiate with Yulia Vladimirovna. To betray in time is not to betray, but to foresee.

“Pig farm” (the community of paid trolls of the Ministry of Information Policy, working for Poroshenko) began massively replicating the thesis about the “pro-Russian orientation of Tymoshenko,” who “always worked for Putin” and now “realizes the Kremlin’s scenario for eliminating Poroshenko from power.” Suddenly, the “poroshoboty” came across a powerful “Yulk” answer (Internet bots that are stoked for Tymoshenko), who reasoned that the guarantor had come to an end and now no need to fuss.

The strongest blow Pyotr Alekseevich got in the Rada. The BPP faction, following the recommendations of the informal electoral staff of the administration, came up with the initiative to immediately appoint new members of the Central Election Commission. They have long expired “expiration date”, and then it is necessary to hold the parliamentary elections urgently. But here again began “zrada”. It turns out that no one except the “block of Panamanian patriots” wants early elections. The initiative “BPP” was cut, the election of the CEC members failed. Active participation in the parliamentary coup took part “front-line” Avakova-Yatsenyuk, who are in the official coalition with the presidential faction.

Their rating is generally negative, and they can not be elected to the elections. The BPP faction attempted to bullshit, announced a boycott of the parliament’s work until the Rada voted for the new commission’s composition. But they were quickly broken off, demonstrating 240 votes. Voted for a secondary law and accepted it without the participation of “the largest faction of the BP”. In fact, the plan for early parliamentary elections was covered, because in a week the deputies go on vacation, and in the autumn the Rada will have immunity from dissolution. In accordance with the Constitution, the president can not dissolve parliament six months before the expiry of his term of office. All, a dead end. But the troubles of the outgoing president did not end there. In accordance with the Constitution, the president can not dissolve parliament six months before the expiry of his term of office. All, a dead end. But the troubles of the outgoing president did not end there. In accordance with the Constitution, the president can not dissolve parliament six months before the expiry of his term of office. All, a dead end. But the troubles of the outgoing president did not end there.


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On the eve of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki (July 16), Tymoshenko’s lobbyists began active work to push the candidacy of Kytsyundera as a “Republican bid.” I will explain the situation. At the present time, two American candidates for the presidency of the “sovereign nation” immediately “proklyulis”. This is the singer Slava Vakarchuk and ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko. Both of them are supervised by the US Democrats. To promote Vakarchuk attracted the son-in-law of former President Kuchma oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. Gritsenko is engaged in Soros. By the way, an international adventurer simultaneously invests in Vakarchuk. Tymoshenko and Soros had excellent relations since the Orange Revolution, but then something went wrong. Now she is trying to charm Republicans and light her name at the summit in Helsinki. Is it a precise information.

The American side is trying to prove that Poroshenko is “all”. Not only is he up to the brink of corruption, he also tries to throw out the trick with the illegal extension of his powers. Runaway oligarch Alexander Onishchenko gives the US Justice Department evidence about the corruption of President Poroshenko and his entourage. Through Ivanka Trump, the American president is trying to recall how Poroshenko “drained” Donald during the presidential election. And this is the truth. Thanks to Ukraine, the head of Trump’s election headquarters, Paul Manafort, resigned at the height of the campaign. The so-called “Russian trace” was originally Ukrainian. At the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, a whole staff was set up to discredit Trump. His work was overseen by Ambassador Valery Chaly himself, who was in touch with a representative of the US Democratic Party, an American of Ukrainian descent, Alexandra Chalupa.

On the tip of US intelligence services controlled by Democrats, during the “revolution of dignity” burned the office of the Party of Regions, located near the Cabinet. “The insurgents” purposefully searched for the documents of the “regionals”, in particular the so-called “granary book”. The operation was led by Georgian militants. All employees of the office, fleeing from the burning room, were searched. And they found the “book”. There were receipts of very famous people about receiving large amounts of cash for “services.” There was also the name of Paul Manafort. Further simply: information about the receipt of Manafort “millions of dollars from dictator Yanukovych” merged Sergei Leshchenko – at that time a journalist of the “Ukrainian Truth”, and now a member of the faction “BPP.” Leshchenko never hid his connections with the US embassy. Moreover, he bragged about them. Chalupa quickly raised the wave in the American media about the “bloody million Manafort,” and he was forced to resign. So “the Ukrainian trace” Donald must remember. As well as the fact that Poroshenko did not recall Ambassador Chalyi, despite the demands of the Americans.

Therefore, Tymoshenko has good chances to become a presidential candidate from the Republicans. Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not even have to agree to this or somehow demonstrate his support. Poroshenko, who burns everything up, did it for him. “Pig farm” AP already molds Kytsyundera label of the Kremlin agent so that already the smoke is coming.

At present, the main intrigue of the future presidential elections in Ukraine is not even whether Poroshenko will be able to extend his powers for a second term. Everything is already clear. After Tymoshenko hit his plan with the introduction of martial law, and the parliament refused to appoint loyal members of the CEC, he has no chance at all to re-elect him legally. Only force retention of powers. The main intrigue: will Tymoshenko succeed in overplaying the democrats’ proteges? Soros technology is based on the “new face”. Whether Gritsenko, or Vakarchuk. Kytsyunder has been in politics for many decades, and she has a colossal anti-rating. Only Poroshenko has more. If the Amers begin to consolidate either the singer’s mouth, or Gritsenko, then there are possible options in the second round.

But with any outcome of the election, the dismantling of the “European nation” will proceed at an accelerated pace. It will be the very finale that is inevitable.


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