Ukraine has no potential to create ‘powerful’ missile

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Next year, Kiev plans to create a “mighty” anti-ship cruise missile. However, a Russian military expert does not believe that this is possible.

Prior to this, the head of the Ukrainian Army and of the Conversion and Disarmament Studies Center, Valentin Badrak, said that next year Kiev will create a “very powerful” anti-ship cruise missile capable of reaching “any targets” from 280 to 300 km away.

According to expert Igor Korotchenko, Ukraine currently does not have the potential to develop high-precision weapons and begin mass production. What’s more, their military industry is degrading he claimed.

“As for complex high-precision weapons, Ukraine can not build them in principle. Yes, from time to time they try to imitate, carry out some launches and some demonstrations, but in reality today, Ukraine is not able to manufacture by itself, not to mention develop something,” he explained.

Among the reasons that caused the decline in this area, the expert first names the disruption of military technical cooperation with Russia.

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“Today Ukraine cannot create anything except the manufacture of armored transport vehicles, whose quality also raises numerous issues, as Ukraine has repeatedly frustrated armored supply contracts to foreign customers in Southeast Asia,” he said.

In addition, he points out, foreign customers have also filed numerous complaints about the state of the exported armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, Russia is a leading arms manufacturer that has seen its helicopters and famous S-400 missile defense system be in high demand. Ukraine, when it was a part of the Soviet Union, had a thriving arms manufacturing industry. This fell to disarray when ultra-nationalism took over domestic politics and the country wanted to leave the Union. Although it has attempted to rehabilitate this industry, it has mostly been an unsuccessful endeavor as it refuses to cooperate with Russia in this field as it attempts to become a NATO puppet.

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