Ukraine’s regional problems have US source

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Attempts to create problems between Ukraine and Russia have caused the cultural war and deterioration of Kiev’s relations with Moscow and other neighboring countries, according to Yevgeny Muraev, deputy of the Supreme Rada (Parliament of Ukraine), to the TV channel NewsOne.

“Cultural warfare is a part of the politics of aggression, replacing most of the people with fundamental values ​​with values ​​necessary for the aggressor: historical reviews, a language question – the United States has always wanted to weaken the Soviet Union and separate the Soviet republics from Russia, sow discord between us and set off a war in our territory,” Muraev lamented.

According to the deputy, Washington, for the past 20 years, insists on creating problems both in Ukraine and in its international relations. As a result, Kiev is having problems not only with Moscow, but also with all its neighbors.

“Certainly, the main task was to make us unhappy with Russia, but all national minorities have been hit. And in contrast to the weak authorities in our country, strong authorities in neighboring countries are fighting for the rights of national minorities,” he said.

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Besides Russia, Hungary has been an extremely vocal state in criticizing Kiev’s policies towards the Hungarian minority.

Muraev also said that to overcome the current situation, Ukraine needs to start practicing an “independent and neutral” policy.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev worsened when in April 2014 when Ukraine launched a military operation in Donbass, where the rejection of a violent change of government in Kiev in February of the same year gave rise to the proclamation of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republics and Lugansk. Tensions increased even more when the Crimea reunited with Russia in March 2014 after a referendum that followed international standards and laws saw 96.77% of the population vote in favor of reunification and away from Ukraine after it was given to the country during the Soviet Union.

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