Ukrainian MP: West just using us to pressure Russia; sanctions are useless

"The western sanctions are absolutely nugatory"


We read in Ria Novosti

This is no solution: in Ukraine they recognized the insignificance of sanctions against the Crimea
SIMFEROPOL, July 14 – RIA Novosti Crimea. The western sanctions against the Crimea are “absolutely nugatory.” Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yevgeny Murayev said it on the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

He asserted that the economic restrictions imposed against the Crimea “are not causing any particular damage” to the Russian economy.

“The sanctions, which our authorities are constantly trumpeting, are absolutely insignificant in the Crimea. If you analyze them, the main sanctions that were introduced were introduced after MH17 and after the events in the east of our country. Even should the Minsk format succeed, then the Crimea sanctions remain, which absolutely do no harm,” Muraev said. He expressed regret that the US does not view Ukraine as a partner, but merely uses it to “pressure” Russia.

In addition, according to the deputy, the US does not consider official Kiev as a partner – only as an instrument for putting pressure on Russia.

“We are used as an tool to solve their geopolitical issues. We are at the point that they use us to put more pressure on the subsistence of the Russian Federation, but first of all not to solve our problems, but suit their interests,” Muraev stressed.

Relations between Russia and Western countries have worsened due to the situation in Ukraine and around the Crimea. The West accused Russia of interfering and imposed sanctions. Moscow took retaliatory measures, adopted a policy of import substitution, and more than once declared that it was counterproductive to talk to Russia in the language of sanctions.

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End, Ria Novosti story. Novorosinform adds these backgrounders:

On July 11, a bipartisan group of senators, headed by Robert Menendez, co-chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Robert Portman, co-chairman of the Senate Ukrainian Caucus, introduced a draft resolution in the Senate condemning “the illegal attempts of the Russian Federation to occupy the Ukrainian Crimea.”

Recall that, contrary to the actions of the Senate, US President Donald Trump did not rule out the recognition of Crimea by Russia and the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation. He said this, speaking to reporters on board number one on the way to New Jersey. This became known on June 30.

On July 2, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Crimea’s membership in Russia is unambiguous. He said this commenting on Trump’s statements about the possible recognition of the peninsula by the United States as part of Russia.

At the same time on July 6, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the national leaders of the Russian Federation and the US will discuss “everything they want to” at the talks.

Recall also that on July 9 the European Union extended anti-Russian sanctions because of the Crimean bridge.


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