Human Rights Imperialism: A path paved with good intentions

By Vladimir Golstein

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I am just a soul, whose intentions are good…

It became a modus operandi for the West to flaunt it great intentions. That became sufficient by itself. So what if the things got screwed, that Iraq has unraveled, Libya destroyed, Syria demolished. We had great intentions, didn’t we? We had fabulous intentions nuking Japanese cities, we had even better intentions frying Dresden.

In good old days, it was the road to hell that was paved with good intentions. Now it is the road to the bank. Western Establishment has a whole apparatus of western media that relentlessly informs the world of its good intentions, while laughing all the way to the bank.

Never mind the results! We have good intentions, we promote democracy and freedom and other goodies, it is them… who are hell-bent on evil intentions of aggression and enslavement. Never mind the vicious conglomerate of corrupt oligarchs and budding xenophobes that we’ve installed in Ukraine. Our intentions were pure gold … stored up now in our safe deposit boxes 

Honestly, it is an extremely useless and meaningless concept – can’t recall any recent politician who would declare “evil intentions” – but despite its redundancy and uselessness, it became rather ubiquitous.

Whoever declares good intentions first – -wins! That seems to be the rule of the current foreign policy games. Silly Russians say that they are in Syria because they were legally invited there by its current President. What kind of a reason is that? US is there because it has great intentions. In fact, it makes it intentions greater and greater every day. Stop terrorism, promote freedom and democracy, get rid of the evil dictator. That’s good intentions alright.

“We destroyed this village in order to save it,” declared an American officer after he gave the order of wiping out the Vietnamese village. Great intention, dude. Go for it.

“Let’s kill them all, and let God sort it out.” Wow! What a great intention! You serve God, what can be greater.

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“Half a million of Iraqie children? .. it was worth it,” observed this obedient servant of the doctrine of good intentions, Ms. Albright. Of course it was. What’s half a million here or there, when the intention was to bring Hillary to White House and usher in the beneficial yoke of American dominance. Are you kidding me. Half a million are pure peanuts in comparison.

Of course, already Milton knew, that the so called “bien de public” is the tyrant’s plea. That’s how all the tyrants justify their machinations. Behind the mask of good intentions. You see, they do it for the people, for the needy, for the underprivileged.

Soviets had this messianic streak as well. Invasion of Hungary and Czechoslovakia was called, “brotherly help.” Ye, the Cain’s style. But in general, Russians –despite all the propaganda – are not that silly as to hide behind “the burden of a white man.” They can surely be violent, but they are cynical enough and have seen enough abuses from the top, not to believe in empty declarations.

The west, however is more than happy to continue to be involved in Crusades. Orthodoxy is not that bend on missionary function, for example. They know that certain things can’t be forced. As opposed to the west, which still dreams of finishing the job of the 4th crusade, when then decimated the Orthodox Constantinople. Some British maniacs, by the way, has viewed their defense of Ottomans against Russian empire, as the Christian mission. The brother of Bram Stalker (of Drakula fame), has volunteered on the side of the Turks to fight Russians.

So despite John Milton’s warnings, it appears that Anglo world is fully beholden to the doctrine of “good intentions.” Rather than looking at “who benefits,” and follow the money so to speak, it continues to view good intentions as the ultimate proof of goodness. Good intentions of Hillary, good intentions of Mr. Good Intention himself, Barack Obama.

The band which sang the song of “good intentions” was called Animals. Pretty indicative. Except the lion or wolf, before they devour their pray, make their intentions rather obvious. They don’t hide them. Once again, it is humans who perfected this animal cruelty by wrapping it up in good intentions, similar to Victorians, who wrapped up their parlor rooms with all sorts of covers, curtains, and carpets.

So yes, let’s open the NYT or just Times, and see what’s on the today’s plate of good intentions.

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