Unipolar Imperial Spin: How Liberalism Operationalizes the ANTIFA New Left

The Soros-Clinton Army lures radical youth into being a wing of system-enforcers


Antifa, short for “anti-fascist action”, have made themselves quite known in the realms of contemporary politics: masquerading around in “black bloc” style garb (though now also seen in various pastels) and punching infamous “alt-right” personalities like Richard Spencer. This begs the question: “who are Antifa? And, more specifically, what is their ideology, their history, and their stance in the contemporary geopolitical situation?

Antifaschtische Aktion Meeting, organized by the KPD in 1932 – Today’s Antifa would consider 99.9% of those in attendance then as Transphobic, Ciscentric, Misogynist, Eurocentric, Patriarchal, Authoritarian, and White Supremacist

Antifa came into history as Antifaschtische Aktion, a coalition of militant leftist groups involved with the Communist Party of Germany in the 1930s. Far-left militants have had a history of opposing fascism ever since Mussolini’s black-clad paramilitary stomped their way throughout Italy in the 1920’s. These groups didn’t exist in a vacuum, and were rooted in the fighting militant labor unions and syndicates 80 years ago. In other words, an entirely different class basis and ideological orientation than antifa today. However, the west has undergone vast material, cultural, and spiritual changes since the Second World War. New ideological superstructures and imperialist directives have formed; And, in response, new tactics of resistance have come into play. In the midst of new political circumstances, strategically identifying new friends and new enemies is of necessity.


Fast-forwarding to the 21st century we see a new geopolitical landscape: broad sections of the left in the west consistently take the sides of the imperialists, while at the same time accusing veteran anti-imperialists of the same! Fake anarchist and imperialist apologist Alexander Reid Ross, in his pseudo-academic hit-piece “The Multipolar Spin: How Fascists Operationalizse Left-Wing Resentment, vehemently slanders an assortment of various anti-imperialists from both the left, and what we suppose are deemed ‘the right’, despite these groups working in solidarity against liberal imperialism in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Flores & Sinchougova share a comradely toast

Among those defamed, was Fort Russ News’ own chief editor, Joaquin Flores. Fortunately a series of legal letters had the piece taken down and a retraction printed, despite the above linked PDF and way-back machine still allowing us to see the vile and criminal words of Alexander Reid Ross. However, the campaign is obvious, real, and ongoing. Or we can take the hit piece against Fort Russ News’ Inessa Sinchougova, where they imply that she’s a Putin bot or purchased views on her wildly successful Youtube channel, Inessa S., when anyone with half a sense of how Youtube works would realize is impossible given 1.) the relationship between views and interactions and 2.) that Youtube specifically targets certain channels, prohibiting them from any black-hattery. The lumping-together of various independent journalist and activist agencies into a supposed “red-brown alliance” is but one of many multifaceted strategies used by the liberal-left to vulgarize these organizations as “authoritarian” or even “fascist”. Such actions naturally originate from petty-bourgeois and anti-revolutionary layers in class society, which cynically manipulate the public with a bait and switch. How does that work?


Well, most people are against fascism, American people’s grandfathers great-grandfathers fought in WWII and with their Soviet comrades on the other front, saved the world from a misanthropic order which grew from Nazism. But the new left has defined fascism so broadly that it intentionally takes a well established negative connotation, and applies it to whole swathes of activists, thinkers, and writers who ironically are the ones laboring tirelessly against empire, and who are for the rights of the world’s people for self-determination.

Thus, when they call someone a fascist, the public is misled into thinking this refers to actual fascism. Instead, it refers to  how any number of quack academics over the last twenty-five years have tried to create a universalist conception of ‘fascism’ (such as ‘Ur fascism’) which is defined by anything that directly challenges capitalism and imperialism, that is, without ‘first’ making a never-ending detour through gender, race, sex, and identity politics.  Now, some groups under the antifa brand are openly promoting the ‘next frontier’ of social degradation – pedophilia. Note in the photo below, the NAMBLA endorsement next to the Antifa logo at the bottom of the banner opposing ‘Pedo Bashing’. 


And civilizational degradation is the right term here. And while we can say at first that these are innocent theoretical mistakes – conflating four distinct categories – government, the state, society, and civilization – for one; the way it is used, that is, operationalized by the ruling class, should inform us that these errors are not accidental.

The embrace of imperialism and liberalism by the western left is not a result of mere complacency. In the modern geopolitical situation, the new left finds itself at odds with countries whose interests do not fall in line with the western imperialist agenda. Take for example situation in Iran: The election last August, which resulted in the victory of Rouhani, has been followed with protests and an array of anti-government activities.

Having been faced with western aggression for decades, these protests come at a time where the future of Iran’s sovereignty and self-determination are in question. Broad support for these protests by large swaths of the western left demonstrates their crypto-imperialism.



Effectively, what we are seeing is thus: the forces behind the traditional anti-fascist groups have died out. Gone is labor militancy, which has given way to outright opportunism controlled by the Democrat Party. 

Now, a wide streak of ‘anti-fascist’ groups take part in the very bourgeois authoritarianism and imperialism their ideological forefathers fought so fervently against.

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That’s why it’s important to understand that this chapter of history, the 20th century, has been closed, and a new one is being written. For the so-called ‘antifascists’, up is down,  left is right, the subject is objective, the victim powers-over, all through an anti-rational discourse. This anti-rationalism and exploitation of Freudian psychoanalysis really lays at the root of the new left’s subversion of a once honest and proud labor movement. 


The Trotskyite outfit International Socialist Review (ISR) is an online journal that publishes a plethora of articles and dissertations by polemicists, professors, and activists. In their article, “Which Side Are You On?”, author Phil Gasper attempts to slander left-wing anti-imperialist organizations such as the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and the Worker’s World Party (WWP) for their stance of solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries facing imperialist aggression.

Other writers featured by the ISR include Ashley Smith, an individual who attempted to mislead her readers into believing that the formation of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) was/is yet another imperialist front. Smith furthermore slandered Russian president Vladimir Putin and the entire Russian Federation for their support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. So it’s no surprise that antifa outfits are seen mobilized at pro-FSA demonstrations, demonstrating their towing the party line of their imperial pay-masters. 



The inculcation of liberalism and a pernicious form of post-modernism into the left has formed a strange brew. Today, a good portion of the left wing finds itself merged with the imperialist, liberal establishment. The way some of the works of the Frankfurt school are weaponized against mass publics is a testament to this, even while as a school of thought, it is important to understand and make use of the real gems and usable concepts and ideas which are there. Herbert Marcuse worked adamantly under the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to defame and deride the applied socialism of the USSR, PRC, and various Arab socialist states, despite his texts being so rich in ideas which have significant utility if properly applied.


What the ruling class really fears is what is happening on the internet. People on the left are having conversations with people on the right. There is a cross-pollination of ideas, a natural syncretism which has always occurred over the thousands of years in the human experience whenever two populations come into closer proximity. The internet has virtualized proximities. And this comes with a realization that the left-right divisions are increasingly meaningless insofar as they have been redefined to represent not the fight between labor (left) and capital (right), but various abstract, trans-humanist, and bourgeois identity politics which serve the purpose of dividing the people and ignoring the real fight against the powers that be.


This is probably the number one reason that media outlets like Fort Russ News are the prime target of so much derision, ranging from hit pieces by Vice Magazine, to the Atlantic, to the Washington Post and the self-admittedly FBI compromised publication Veteran’s Today. Please excuse the potentially problematic titling of Gordon Duff’s admission video below, but listen to VT’s Gordon Duff in his own words. 


And this is probably the main reason you’ll find my writings almost exclusively on FRN.


We live, to say the least, in interesting times. It’s important to be critical of the past, without letting it define us. What matters most is the here and now, and struggles in front of us now.

The vilification and marginalization of the white working class by the new left is probably the chief reason why we have seen the growth of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’. They are the ones creating the problem, and then imagining that this ‘problem’ ought to be the main focus. They are doing little else than keeping themselves in business. This has been referred to as the non-profit industrial complex (NPIC)


Meanwhile, the US empire wages wars abroad, and rolls out austerity programs at home. The new left, posing as communists, anarchists, or socialists – though having given up on genuine class struggle politics – instead imagines that tearing down statues and renaming street signs in mid-western and southern cities and towns, is what constitutes revolutionary work. All they are doing is left-washing these places so they are more attractive for investors and developers who want their gentrification project to succeed. Meanwhile they also promote the myth that America is the world, and that whatever lessons can be learned (whether or not these make sense) from American history, automatically apply to the rest of the world. The aim here is to set the US up as the example of progress, overcoming diversity, and ridding the world of ‘bad people and ideas’ in the name of human rights and universal freedoms. In reality, it is left-cover for imperialism, war, and the mass murder of millions the world over.


We are better off looking at the class and historical ties which bind both labor Democrats and blue-collar Trump Republicans, in terms of US politics. A new political vector is emerging which bucks the prior categories. The decentralized activist network New Resistance  has been at the vanguard of predicting and shaping this new vector. While it’s natural to fear change and fear new ideas, the liberal led neo-McCarthyite witch-hunt being carried out upon working class white Americans in the name of ‘anti-racism’ is little more than a typical divide and conquer scheme. The scheme is financialized and monetized through the promise of cleaning up the nation’s image, so that it can increase its own legitimacy as an imperialist power. And, now, broad sections of so-called socialists, anarchists, and anti-fascists are following suit. A great irony — the New Left is essentially the left-wing of imperialism.

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