UPPING THE ANTE: China sends strategic bombers to reinforce Russia

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China’s air force will send strategic bombers, fighter jets and transport planes to Russia in July as the country tries to develop stronger defense ties with several foreign governments – in this case, Moscow.

The Chinese Xian H-6K, who patrol the China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, will participate in the International Army Games on July 28 in southern Russia and parts of the Caucasus for the first time, according to an air force spokesman. China will join Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Iran in the war games.

Yue Gang, a retired ELP colonel, told the South China Morning Post that China’s goal is to determine the bomber’s strengths and weaknesses.

“It is really difficult to know the size of the difference between the Chinese aircraft and those used by foreign air forces without participating in exercises abroad like this,” Yue said, adding that China will have the chance to test it against “advanced bombers” in Russia.


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The bomber is equipped with cruise missiles with a range of almost 1,000 miles and has a combat range of over 2,000 miles. It was developed from an airplane originally produced in Russia: the Tu-16 Badger, which the Soviet Union licensed to China in 1958.

After the US Air Force’s B-52 bombers flew over the South China Sea in late April, Beijing conducted take-off and landing tests with the H-6Ks in the area the following month, a measure Washington condemned for having potential for “increase tensions” and destabilize the region.

This is despite the fact that the US were conducting flights in a region far removed from the United States, rendering their condemnation as bullying, and rather, it should be Washington criticized for conducting aggressive maneuvers in the region. Both China and Russia have significantly improved their military, which now pose a significant threat to Washington’s aims of global hegemony.

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