US and North Korea create ‘working group’ to reach denuclearization

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Washington and Pyongyang have set up a working group to discuss the next steps of the agreement between the two countries for the denuclearization of North Korea. The announcement was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after he attended meetings with North Korean officials.

After leaving the venue, Pompeo made a call with President Trump to inform him about the meeting.

At the meeting held between Trump and Kim Jong-a on June 12, the US president promised to return the remains of soldiers from the Korean War, which occurred in the 1950s, but Pompeo told the US Senate that Pyongyang has not yet given up its share.

“We have not yet received them physically,” the top US diplomat to the Senate Appropriations Committee said on June 29.

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Days after Kim and Trump held a historic summit in Singapore on June 12, Trump erroneously exclaimed that Pyongyang “was already beginning to produce the remains of these large, young soldiers who were left in North Korea.” The president also added at the time: “We are getting the remains and no one thought that was possible.”

The US embroiled itself in the Korean war to prevent communism being achieved on the entirety of the peninsula. The war has left the peninsula divided ever since and saw a dictatorship in South Korea emerge because of the war that saw tens of thousands of communists executed.

The US for its part killed millions of Koreans through a bombing campaign and this has been completely ignored in Western media and schools, but frequently taught and reminded in North Korea. This has also been a justification why North Korea persisted with its nuclear program for many decades so that it has a deterrence to such atrocities occurring again. Trump has been the first US president to make any progress with Pyongyang.

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