‘US seeks to motivate a coup in Venezuela’, says expert

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The international analyst, Basem Tajeldine, revealed reports that US President Donald Trump had promoted a military invasion in Venezuela at meetings.

On July 4, the AP news agency reported that US President Donald Trump promoted the idea of ​​a military invasion of Venezuela in several meetings. Tajeldine said that this concerns “a blackmail that seeks to motivate internal destabilization and motivate a coup.”

“I do not think that the AP’s note is an isolated fact … this may be part of the pressures to motivate an internal destabilization of our Armed Forces, but whether the US goes directly to an aggression, I see that as discarded for the time being,” he explained.

The article makes reference to a meeting at the Oval Office in August 2017, in which Trump would have asked about invading Venezuela. “The question surprised those attending the meeting, who explained the disadvantages of such a decision,” the report said.

At a news conference on August 11, Trump said he did not rule out a “military option.” The president would propose the military plan on two other occasions, one of them to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who assured that “an invasion would have zero support in the region.”

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Tajeldine explained that the US has “asphyxiated Venezuela economically, diplomatically and politically, leading the country to very adverse conditions, but yet the conditions to invade have not yet been created.”

“In other countries of the Middle East, in North Africa, a situation of real civil war disaster or mercenary invasion has been created, which does not exist here in Venezuela,” he said.

“Is it convenient for the US to shake the whole region? Is it convenient for them to carry out this military adventure in the region they have always called their ‘backyard’, where they could have no control over the consequences that this would generate, and especially when some geopolitical spaces begin to change negatively for them?” he asked.

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