US Senator Threatens Russia with ‘Instant and Harsh Draconian Measures’

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US Senator John Neely Kennedy, who recently visited Russia, threatened the country with possible “draconian measures” in case of Russian interference in congressional elections in November, he said in an interview to the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

“If we look at an intervention in November, we will have no other choice,” Kennedy said . “The Russian authorities say the sanctions did not hurt Russia, but that is not the case .

Kennedy did not specify what measures he was referring to, but stressed that the reaction would be “instantaneous and very harsh.”

According to the senator, he personally would like to establish normal relations with Russia, but for this the Russian authorities must “change their behavior”.

The Kommersant journalist said the Russian authorities denied all allegations about the alleged intervention in the US presidential election.

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“I heard that, but it’s not like that,” the senator said without showing evidence during the conversation with the Russian edition.

The US delegation arrived in Moscow on June 30. On Tuesday there was a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Earlier, John Bolton, a US National Security Advisor, also visited the Russian capital.

The US continually tries to undermine the Eurasian Giant as it poses as a significant threat to Washington’s military and economic hegemony over the globe. Russia is building closer and stronger military, technological and economic ties with China, and this combined effort has effectively ended US unipolarity over the world and brought the world into an era of multipolarity where US-led aggression can be challenged. However, US policymakers deny this fact and continue to make aggressive steps towards Russia in a bid to maintain the status quo.

In this bid to maintain unipolarity, the US continually makes allegations against Russia without being able to provide a shred of evidence towards their claims, as this example by the senator demonstrated.

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