US-Ukraine: the left hand ignores what the right hand does: Ukraine celebrates Hitler’s invasion and the US ups its aid to Ukraine

Celebrations mark 77th anniversary of the Ukrainian Nazi puppet state. US aid upped to 700 million

Holiday of the Nazi Occupation
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Fascist occupation holiday
In Ukraine they solemnly marked the 77th anniversary of the Hitler invasion
These days in Ukraine, the solemn celebration is not yet governmental, but it is already quite a popular holiday among the patriotic public – the day of the proclamation of the Ukrainian state.

It is timed to the events of 77 years ago when the troops of Nazi Germany seized the territory of Galicia, and Yaroslav Stetsko, one of the leading functionaries of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, rightfully regarded as the right-hand man of Stepan Bandera, read a political manifesto in Lvov proclaiming the creation of a protectorate dependent on the Nazis, after the model of puppet quasi-states in Croatia and Slovakia.

“The emerging Ukrainian state will work closely with the National Socialist Great Germany, which, under the leadership of its leader, Adolf Hitler, creates a new order in Europe and the world and helps the Ukrainian people to free themselves from the Moscow authorities” – this is clearly stated in the Act of restoration of the Ukrainian State,” promulgated on June 30, 1941. In other words, modern Ukrainian nationalists consider the German occupation of Ukraine a holiday, and glorify nationalist politicians who openly collaborated with the Hitler regime. Moreover, it is celebrated on an official level – so, the celebrations on Lvov’s Square Presiding was the governor Oleg Sinyutka along with numerous officials. In his presence, the attendees repeated the text of Yaroslav Stetsko’s act – although, of course, they shamefully removed Hitler’s mention from it.

The “restoration of Ukrainian statehood,” according to the scenario of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, was accompanied by the wave of pogroms that took place in western Ukraine, in which tens of thousands of Jews were killed. The Lvov pogrom began precisely on June 30 – right after Stetsko’s speech, and was accompanied by massacres, torture, rape of innocent people. Moreover, the organizer of all these atrocities was the nationalist militia, acting on the direct orders of the German authorities. However, modern Ukrainian politicians say not a single word about this nightmare, rather invite the country to honor criminals who were the first to launch the monstrous scenario of the Holocaust in Ukraine.

[We pause here to reflect on news from Washington, which I translate:

In the US Congress, they have entered a bill on financing US foreign operations for 2019 is registered. It spells out an increase in military aid to Ukraine by $ 50 million.

The document also says that the draft law increased the estimate of aid to Ukraine through the US Department of State and related agencies to $ 441 million, which is more than the financial support that Ukraine is getting during 2018. All told, Ukraine will be allocated about $ 700 million ($ 70 million more than in the current year).

The document was submitted by Republican Harold Rogers on the day of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on July 16.

Now back to the news that the US Congress is ignoring:
“Director of the Ukrainian National Memory Institute Vladimir Vyatrovich, in honor of the anniversary of the Lvov pogrom, published a lyrical essay about how on 30 June 1941 the unit of the German army Nachtigal and one of its officers Roman Shukhevich entered the city. The minister of memory Vyatrovich did not mention a single word about the murder of Lvov Jews, “says the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky.

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Moreover, the Lvov authorities organized a round table on the occasion of the 77-year-old date of the “Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State”, and its participants demanded to mark it throughout Ukraine.

This date should be celebrated not only within Galicia, but to make it an all-Ukrainian holiday,” nationalist historian Oleg Bagan said in this regard. His idea is supported by representatives of the far-right Svoboda party who demand marking the forthcoming 80th anniversary of the proclamation of the Stetsko manifesto at the state level. Although even in Lvov, many call it an offer to celebrate the anniversary of the Lvov pogrom – knowing full well how people will react to attempts to spread an odious, shameful document for historical memory, with obedient panegyrics to the “leadership of Adolf Hitler.”

Alas, how historical revisionism marches victoriously through post-Maidan Ukraine. So, the site “Historical Truth” published an article under the heading “Creation of the Galicia division as a political project and a civilizational choice”, where the idea of cooperation with the Nazis is absolutely анд unambiguously supported – it supposedly “guaranteed the creation of a future Ukrainian state in the New Europe”. “By participating in the struggle against the Bolsheviks, the Ukrainians proved that their nation occupies a separate place in the family of European countries and is worthy of the future. The Nazis recognized this right … “, writes its author, historian Roman Ponomarenko. And this thesis is increasingly broadcast in Ukraine – both in the speeches of politicians and in media publications, which diligently forget that the ideologists of the Third Reich have prepared the Ukrainians for а destiny of slaves to be exploited and exterminated, who could not have any future prospects.

This historical revisionism, now saturated инто all the pores of Ukrainian society, organically stems from the state ideology of anti-communism, on which several generations of Ukrainians were brought up. Its woven of innumerable myths represents the Soviet government as an absolute evil that threatened the complete destruction of Ukrainians. And if so, the Nazis who attacked the USSR look, against this background something more preferable and humane. Moreover, their support was openly based on the canonized leaders of the OUN, like Shukhevych and Bandera.

Xenophobia, which has always been the ideological core of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, has gradually become the norm for Ukrainian politics and public life. And the criticism of the unseemly pages of the history of Ukrainian history – especially, with reference to the period of the Second World War – on the contrary, was considered inadmissible, automatically equating to enemy agitation. Moreover, it is important to note: this concept is shared not only by members of numerous ultra-right movements, but also by the “pro-European” liberal community. Ritually condemning the Hitler regime, it nevertheless condescendingly forgives the collaboration of the members of the OUN and UPA: since they had to submit to the Germans for the sake of a holy struggle against the Bolshevik yoke. Thus, the desire to “equate Communism with Nazism,” in the spirit of the propaganda school of Timothy Snyder, ultimately led the representatives of this milieu to the shameful justification of “forced” cooperation with the Hitlerite Reich.

The holiday of the fascist occupation – which, in fact, marked the events of June 30, 1941 – is a sign and symptom of this disease of historical revisionism. It has come to a heated level – this was witnessed by the events of the recent pogrom against the Lvov gypsies, when young nationalists beat children and women, brutally slaughtering an innocent young man. These assassins grew on the cult of the OUN, and, in fact, repeated the crimes of the Lvov pogrom – demonstrating how easy it is to bring back forgotten nightmares of old times into our own day.


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