VR: The 90’s phoned, wants future vision of Army training back


The US Army has signed a $128 million training contract that includes virtual reality combat simulations, defense company Northrop Grumman said in a statement released on Monday.

“The $128 million contract will allow Northrop Grumman to continue to provide simulation, live, virtual and constructive drills, game-based training, mission team training and technical support,” the statement said.

Northrop Grumman has been supporting US Army training for the past 16 years, involving more than $70 million a year at five US military bases, the statement said.

In recent years, virtual soldier workstations have revolutionized training, allowing controllers to create soldiers, vehicles and computer-generated battlefields that the US Army says can be used by soldiers with virtual reality goggles.

Also, the US Army will receive new Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM).

The JAGM, developed by the company Lockheed Martin, will replace the previous projectile of the same class AGM-114 Hellfire. According to the Defense News portal, the missile has already successfully passed tests lasting more than two years. During these tests the missiles were scanned on all possible platforms: helicopters, airplanes and drones.

The new missile will have a modernized guidance system, which includes a semiautomatic laser equipped with millimeter-wave radar sensors.

According to the company’s representatives, the new missile is already in production. Under the contract, the company must deliver 2631 JAGM projectiles to the US Armed Forces. The delivery of the first batch of new weapons is scheduled for early 2019.

This comes as the US is desperately trying to remain as the worlds largest military power. Although it still remains the worlds largest military power, it is now being challenged by Russia and China who both have modernized their respective military forces and capabilities. This is so much so that they can now pose a credible challenge to Washington’s plans for global hegemony as they can both now protect their respective regions from outside influence.

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