Video and photos of Victory, Surrender

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The ‘rebel’ front in the south of Syria collapsed, militants in the provinces of Deraa and Suweida are rapidly surrendering their positions to government troops. This comes under pressure from the local population, with the assistance of the negotiators of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties.


The successful negotiations led to the settlements in the west of the province of Derea passing under the full control of the Syrian Arab Army. In the cities of Etbaa, Ta’afas, Daile and El Sheikh Saad, the militants laid down their arms and settled their status. Thus, the government troops came close to the area controlled by ISIS, located in the province of Quneitra.

The cities of Teiba, Sayda, Umm Al-Meiyazin and Nasib agreed to lay down their arms and come over to the side of the government. Residents of these settlements everywhere hold rallies in support of government forces in anticipation of the arrival of units of the Russian military police and humanitarian aid. The return of peaceful life to these settlements will allow us to take control of the official Damascus highway M5 up to the border with Jordan.

The situation on the map of the military operations testifies to the imminent full capitulation of “moderate” militants, since with the liberation of new settlements, irreconcilable terrorists were immediately in three boilers, and their defense continues to crumble like a house of cards.

Russian military persuaded militants to lay down their arms

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The mentioned settlements in the province of Deraa (Dera) went under the control of the Syrian government as a result of the successful actions of the Russian military negotiators.

The humanitarian break that began Thursday night (June 28) was caused by the desire of the commanders of the militants of the Free Syrian Army to negotiate with representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation.

The CPVC officers listened to the requests of the commanders of the IAF, and after a short discussion an agreement was reached, according to which immediately three major cities of the province of Dera went under the control of the government of Bashar Assad. Militants in the cities of Etbaa, Taafas and Daile agreed to voluntarily lay down their arms, provided that the Russian military police participate as a guarantor of their security.

On the afternoon of June 29, convoys of the Russian military police, together with representatives of the Syrian Mukhabarat, entered the specified settlements.

FSA ‘Rebels’ surrendered and hand over weapons in Suweida

In the village of Kanaker in the province of Essaouid, FSA fighters also handed over their arms to the Russian and Syrian military: 2 pickups, 2 heavy machine guns and small arms.

The decision to surrender weapons and regulate their legal status was taken in the course of negotiations with the Russian side and the current government of Syria. The talks took place in the Jeb village of the province of Essaouira.

translated from Rusvesna by J. Flores


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