What are Washington’s goals in trade war with Beijing?


China has criticized the US decision to introduce new tariffs on Chinese goods. Political scientist Pavel Salin has revealed what lies behind this trade war.

“It is totally unacceptable that the US significantly broadens the list of duty-free goods, we express our strong protest against it,” a Chinese statement said.

Previously, the Wall Street Journal revealed that, as China has already responded with a 25% rate on 659 US products, Donald Trump threatened to introduce new rates on imports by the Asian country worth 200 billion dollars.

The political scientist and director of the Center for Political Studies of the Russian University of Finance, Pavel Salin, questioned which country will suffer the most because of the new restrictive measures by the USA.

According to him, the Americans are aggravating the trade conflict between the two countries. However, Beijing has already shown that it will not tolerate such actions by Washington and has adopted symmetrical measures. The US, for its part, does not intend to give up its policy, promising to adopt further restrictive measures.

“The main question is which will be the country that will suffer the most, because the tariff increase in the trade war with China had two objectives. The first was to make the Chinese give up their main idea that they are the main foreign producers. The second was to demonstrate to voters […] that they are defending their interests. Response rates, introduced by China and Europe, affect these voters,” Salin explained.

For the analyst, the commercial war unleashed by Washington could have serious consequences for the Americans themselves.

On June 15, US President Donald Trump announced 25 percent tariffs on Chinese imports worth $50 billion.

China, for its part, has announced the introduction of 25% import tariffs on 659 US goods denominations, totaling about $50 billion, in response to similar US measures. However, China has targeted industries that are mostly concentrated in strong Trump voting states.

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