Why is Russia creating a new EMP blast warplane?

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Russia is already the world’s leader in jamming and EMP weaponry and defense systems. So why is the bear creating an even better and newer one?

A military source has revealed that Russia is developing an aircraft to counteract communications from enemy military satellites. The commercial director of Arsenal magazine Otechestva (Arsenal da Pátria), Aleksei Leonkov, commented on this information.

“In Soviet times we had such a system called the MiG-31D, which carried a special missile that could hit space targets – it was designed to deactivate a portion of the ballistic missiles, and at the same time could smash satellites. Its own system with a missile worked in conjunction with a terrestrial system,” the analyst said.

Leonkov underlined that it is necessary to develop an alternative to the existing airplane, called Porubschik among the military, because the missiles are no longer produced for these aircraft carriers.

“This aircraft, which can interfere with satellite communications, is part of the radio-electronic weapons of war. The plane itself was developed on the basis of Il-18, it is quite old and can not be used indefinitely. We have experience in installing the equipment on these planes, and if the Ministry of Defense orders it, it will be developed,” he added.

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Earlier, the media reported that Russia is developing a new aircraft capable of neutralizing the satellites of navigation and telecommunications of the adversary. According to the source, the aircraft will replace the model Ilyushin IL-22 PP.

According to a source, the aircraft, which will replace the Ilyushin IL-22 PP model, “will have conceptually new equipment to interfere with ground, air and naval targets, as well as neutralize navigation and navigation satellites.”

Ilyushin IL-22 PP

These modern aircraft are able to selectively disconnect the enemy’s electronic devices, neutralizing their control over aviation, air defense equipment and manned vehicles. The use of this type of aircraft in combat does not affect Russian electronic equipment. This is expected to challenge Trump’s push for US dominance in space.

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