Bogdasarov: A Russian response to a new US attack on Syria should include sinking the warships

Destroy not just the missiles, but the ships that launch them


Via RuEconomics:

Sink the destroyers – they will not start a war: Bagdasarov calls for a powerful Russian response to a US strike on Syria

Russia must respond to US strikes against Syria by destroying not only missiles, but also the ships that launch them. This was stated by political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov.
According to the expert, the Americans want to organize a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria in order to justify a missile attack on government forces, since this is the only way to stop the Syrian army, which has almost freed the country from US-funded militants. The connection between the impending provocation and Washington can easily be traced from the concentration of serious military forces (destroyers, bombers and missiles) in the immediate vicinity of Syria.

Bagdasarov is convinced that it is time for Russia to move from indignation and exhibiting fragments of American made missiles to real action. The political scientist recalled that the key goal of the US sanctions is the destruction of the Russian Federation as a state, and Moscow should call things by their own names.

“How should we respond? We need to destroy the carriers and shoot down the missiles.” “We’ve already shot down rockets, but the carriers?” The destroyer has come up to the Mediterranean Sea, and we have enough anti-ship missiles there, I suspect there are “Bastions.” And if it does not get sunk, (US) impunity will continue,” Bagdasarov said.

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Speaking about the risks that such a response brings to Russia, the political scientist expressed the conviction that the US will not begin a full-scale war with Russia. “If we sink, there will be no war, we’ve all been through this, more than a thousand planes were shot down in North Korea, and there are more than 4,000 aircraft in Vietnam.” Did the war begin? It was local, and it remained so. Sooner or later we will have to sink some aircraft carrier, we ignore the experience of a large country called the USSR, but we have to use it,” he explained.

Also, the expert suggested using allies of Russia to respond to US actions against Syria. Mostly it is about Iran, which has spoken openly about the possibilities for the destruction of American destroyers in the Persian Gulf. “If they can not, let’s place our base there with Bastions and other missiles,” said Semyon Bagdasarov on the air of Vesti FM.

Note that on Tuesday the Russian Defense Ministry announced the deployment in the Mediterranean Sea of the most powerful group of Russian ships in the time of the Syrian crisis, comprised of 10 ships and two submarines. It is expected that these vessels will support the government forces of the SAR when they liberate the province of Idlib, the last stronghold of militants in Syria.

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