By Jonathan Azaziah


By Jonathan Azaziah – 

The righteous wrath of ALLAH (SWT) and the crushing storms from His heavens be upon the accursed House of Saud. In what will register as one of the sickest, most twisted and most gruesome atrocities in the 3.5 years of its genocidal aggression against Yemen — which is saying quite a bit because there have been SO many ungodly massacres — the Wahhabi tyrants occupying the Hijaz bombed a school bus full of children in Saada’s Dahyan as it made its way through a market towards summer camp. Saudi Arabia murdered at least 51 kids in the air raid — the vast majority of them under 10 years old — and badly wounded over 79 other civilians — the vast majority of them kids under 10 years old too.

The martyr count is going to go up because the injuries are horrific, the siege continues to cripple Yemen and the supplies necessary to save lives just aren’t available. Scenes of the carnage plastered all over social media are just about impossible to look at. Screaming and bleeding children. Tiny bodies blown to bits and missing limbs. Incomprehensible sadness on the faces of parents who lost what was dearest to them and medical professionals who couldn’t save lives despite their best efforts. The depth of depravity that one has to sink to murder children over… and over… AND OVER again… is unfathomable. And the evil and hellishness that have to exist in one’s mind to then actually rationalize the barbaric spilling of these little ones’ blood is irredeemable.

Oh, yes. Al-Saud very much indeed rationalized the Saada School Bus Slaughter. Then defended the atrocity as a “legitimate military action”. ‘Cause kids heading to summer camp were definitely plotting to upend the Dark Kingdom , right?! And then, in true-‘Israeli’-blue-white-and-six-pointed-starred fashion, suggested that such events (read: mass killings of innocent children) will be repeated. “The coalition will take all necessary measures against the terrorist, criminal acts of the terrorist Iranian-Houthi militia,” is the filth that the Saudi “royals” – the REAL terrorists and the REAL criminals – spewed to justify their heinous illegalities.

While many a reporter and analyst have correctly pointed out the savagery and sheer feloniousness behind the Saudi dictatorship’s thought process in issuing such a statement, they’re missing the ideological elephant in the room. Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabi-Takfiri tyranny. Saudi Arabia hates — and we do mean HATES — Shi’a. Dahyan in Saada is thrice hallowed ground–for Shi’a.

It is essentially the Zaydi Najaf and it is home to the most important Zaydi hawza. It is the birthplace of Ansarullah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance. And it is the resting place of Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), the most important Yemeni political-religious figure since Imam Mahdi Ahmad al-Ghirasi (A.S.) and alongside Imam Khomeini (R.A.), Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.), Sayyed Nasrallah and Sheikh Zakzaky, one of the genuinely towering revolutionary minds of this age.

In other words, Al-Saud sees Saada as “MajoosiTown”. EVERYONE, by virtue of their allegiance to Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), regardless if they are man, woman or child, moujahid or civilian, young or elderly, is a target. Case in point: The city and the province have been bombed to rubble in the same way that the usurping Zionist entity flattened Lebanon’s Dahiyeh and the US ZOG eviscerated Pyongyang.

There’s really nothing left to even hit but Saudi Arabia keeps on executing sorties. Why? Because these Shi’a-hating maniacs want to eliminate, maim and traumatize as many “Rafidah” as they can before they inevitably scamper out of Yemen humiliated like the Brits and Ottomans that preceded them.

The Wahhabiyeen see such wanton death and destruction by their hands as an extension of the work put in by their grandsire Muhammad Ibn Abul Wahhab (L.A.)… And Ibn Taymiyyah (L.A.) before him… And Hisham ibn Abdul Malik (L.A.), the murderer of Zayd (A.S.), before him… And Yazid (L.A.), the murderer of Imam Hussein (A.S.), before him… All the way back to the hateful, Khaybar-allied Qurayshi Arabs who opposed the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself (S.A.W.W.) So simply put, the 51 youngins viciously killed on that bus were victims of Al-Saud’s violent and fanatical sectarianism.

Barely a week ago, “modernizer” and war criminal Muhammad Bin Salman’s regime bombed a hospital and a fish market in Hudaydah. And how many hospitals and markets have been struck with phosphorus munitions, chemical weapons, cluster bombs and other reprehensible manifestations of industrialized killing since March 26th, 2015?

How many schools, playgrounds and community centers? How many mosques? How many water-bottling plants and farms? How many boxing gyms and soccer fields? How many government offices and cemeteries? How many homes and apartment buildings? How many ancient structures now lost forever? And how many weddings?

The Sanban and Al-Wahijah wedding massacres come to mind just off the dome and it’s heartrending. Saudi Arabia is a beast. A demon. A devil. A barbarian. A murderer. A rapist. A plunderer. A child-killer. This nefarious regime isn’t reformable.

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Following the Saada School Bus Massacre, well-intentioned activists will call for Western states to withdraw military support for the Saudi-UAE coalition of cowards and stop selling arms to the regimes that comprise it as well. Obviously this should be supported and amplified because these monstrous buffoons would fall on their own swords if the Six Eyes Alliance and France weren’t supporting their abysmal war full-stop.

There will certainly be outcries for Saudi Arabia especially to be removed from the UN “Human Rights” Council–also a worthy course of action as the despots in Riyadh are an abomination of human rights. But these objectives, as noble as they may be, are band-aids on a gaping head wound after someone just got their skull smashed in. This current path is untenable. And the current discourse is unacceptable.

After 51 children were scorched alive on a bus in one of the Saudi sectarians’ malicious air strikes… It is time that the world screams “DEATH TO AL-SAUD” in one voice. No “transitions”. No more damn talk of anymore damn fake “reforms”. Death to Al-Saud. Nothing less. It doesn’t matter WHAT is done with the “royals”. Exiled to whatever Western ZOG of their choosing–these degenerates prefer being around Zionists and Euro-Imperialists anyway; hung in public squares across the Hijaz for two centuries worth of crimes against humanity; or imprisoned for the rest of their swilled-out, collaborationist lives.

Regardless of the course of action, the regime and British-installed gang of Najdi psychopaths attached to it must go. Anything lesser only perpetuates the bloodshed. And Yemen has had enough for 1,000 lifetimes. All the suffering kicks the bucket with the departure of Al-Saud. Period.

Normally “rest in peace” and “rest in power” are the appropriate responses for the martyrs after such nightmarish butchery.

But in this instance, we’re going to go with a new one: REST IN RAGE, beloved Yemeni children. We pray your precious faces, your tears, your blood and your agonizing screams haunt the Wahhabi-Takfiri tyrants for the rest of their demonic days until “DEATH TO AL-SAUD” isn’t a mere Mouqawamah Music call-to-arms. Nor just a canticle at a Hizbullah rally for Yemen but a global demand that will not dissipate until it is so. Rest in rage, darling angels. May the vengeance in your name be thunderous.


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Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.

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