Alckmin is Enemy #1 in Upcoming Brazilian Elections – NEW RESISTANCE


By Raphael Machado/New Resistance Brazil for FRN

Since Bolsonaro has launched his bid to the left in a rush, not a day passes without Bolsonaro’s popularity being guaranteed by the symbiotic relationship established with leftist criticism.

We have already explained how the left-wing critique is central to the popularization of Bolsonaro, since popular aversion by the left in Brazil leads many people, like cattle, simply to vote for any candidate who presents himself as “anti-left.”

In addition, the leftist critique focuses on things with which the Brazilian people agree or are indifferent – human rights, democracy, authoritarianism, who cares? Brazilian people care about much clearer issues, such as security and income, and do not care about bourgeois abstractions.

In addition, the Brazilian people have the same positions that lead Bolsonaro to be called “macho”, “homophobic”, “transphobic” and the other thousand hysterical invectives that the left launches against him. But while the left focuses all his attention on the caricature and circus of the Bolsonaro, other forces are mobilized behind the curtains and away from the spotlight.

As much as Bolsonaro presents himself as liberal, his past and his psychotic inconstancy guarantee high distrust on the part of the economic forces that control Brazilian politics.

The “market”, a phantasmagoric euphemism for the set of forces of financial parasitism, does not trust Bolsonaro. And the “market” is a determining factor for winning elections in Brazil. It was to the “market” that Lula went to win the 2002 elections, for example. Just like all the other presidents since Sarney.

The “market” has another favorite candidate at the moment. Recognizing the fantastic delirium of the candidacies of parties like NOVO, the “market” prefers to bet on the “old monkey” of the system. And today this bet falls on the shoulders of Geraldo Alckmin, the notoriously corrupt governor and member of Opus Dei.

All the organized power of national and international neoliberalism is with Alckmin. The PSDB machine, the financial market, the mass media, the so-called “Center” parties, and airtime far superior to all other candidates on radio and television have been guaranteed to him.

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Whereas the Bolsonaro scenario would mean chaos because of the candidate’s inability to negotiate support, and his insistence on defending the prerogatives of certain layers of public service constitutes an unacceptable “statism” for liberals, Alckmin has decades of experience in applying the shock doctrine in state of São Paulo.

Alckmin is the unrestrained continuation and deepening of the Temer government. He means the still greater and more guaranteed concealment of crimes and corruption scandals involving the Brazilian political class. He is, fundamentally, in every way possible, the candidate of the system. He is the intensification of the economic shock, leaving no hope of upsetting the party system for investigations of corruption.

It is astonishing, therefore, that in view of the plausible hypothesis of a second round involving Bolsonaro and Alckmin, there are left-wing figures considering to vote for Alckmin to bar Bolsonaro’s “racist Nazi fascist macho homophobic, etc.” character.

In fact, the impression seems to be precisely that all this maneuver of sensationalization of the Bolsonaro figure, in which the left participates enthusiastically, is intended to present Alckmin as the candidate of “reasonableness”, “common sense”, and “respectability “.

The candidate is set up to receive the vote of the “ordinary people” by always frightening them with anything that appears to be called “radicalism.” This is a case which seems to resemble what happened in the French elections, with Macron serving as a “reasonable hypothesis” against national-populist “radicalism” and center-left bankruptcy. Of course, there are qualitative gaps between Le Pen and Bolsonaro. And we know the results of Macron’s victory: the deepening of neoliberalism and economic, political and social decadence.

Alckmin is the candidate of the system, the agent of parasitic forces. He is a hitman for the enemies of the Brazilian people. The 2018 election as a whole has been prepared as a great pitfall to elect Alckmin. And Bolsonaro is one of the baits in this game.


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