Analyst: Chinese Involvement in Syria Would Be ‘NIGHTMARE for U.S.’


The participation of the People’s Republic of China in anti-terrorist operations in Syria would be a “nightmare scenario” for the US.

This is one of the latest concerns voiced in the Austrian Contra Magazin in an article referring to the Chinese ambassador in Damascus, Qi Qianjin’s previous announcement that Beijing intends to provide more assistance to the Syrian people and government.

The publication notes that in the Syrian province of Idlib there are even jihadists who have come from China and are associated with al-Qaeda, “supported by the US and Gulf countries.” The article also says that Beijing is interested in “the destruction of thousands of Uighur terrorists who have left China and come to Syria in recent years.”

As the paper writes, if China begins to actively participate in the Syrian conflict, as Russia and Iran already are, the Syrian government will soon establish total control over the territory of its war-torn country. This would be torment for Washington and the Arab dictatorships of the Persian Gulf that have invested immense time, forces, and funds into overthrowing the Syrian government and partitioning the country.

The deputy director of Russia’s National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology, Igor Shatrov, has commented on the Austrian article, offering his geopolitical appraisal.

“China’s involvement in anti-terrorist operations in Syria is not needed at the moment. The political-military situation is developing in such a way that terrorists have almost completely been annihilated in much of the country… I think the participation of the Chinese would become a nightmare for the US, but I do not think it would be a lesser nightmare [for the US] than the participation of the Russian Federation in the operation.”

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“There is now no doubt that, thanks to the help of the Russian military security services, the Syrian army will deal successfully with the terrorists and there will be no need to introduce any additional forces,” continued Shatrov.

In fact, the Russian analyst is sure that the words of the Chinese ambassador to Syria have been misinterpreted and that, in fact, “the Chinese ambassador said that China will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Syria.”

“For this interpretation, the media and Western politicians do have grounds: China’s political-military weight is growing, but Chinese influence manifests itself in a different area – the economic sphere,” he said.

I believe that China will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction of Syria along with the Russian Federation and other countries interested in the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

And here in this area China will compete seriously with the West, which will in all senses be banned from participating in serious projects for post-war reconstruction in Syria,” the analyst concluded.

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