Anti-communism and anti-fascism are distractions from public enemy No.1 – LIBERALISM


New Resistance, Brazil – Although both World War II and the Cold War are today no more than fleeting memories in the minds of the elderly, both of which have extinguished fascism and communism, respectively, as meta-political forces apt to contest global hegemony, the necromantic slogans of left and right continue to try to frighten the population with the ghosts of a communist threat or a fascist threat“.

We have all come across these schizophrenic speeches.

For much of the right, we live under communism. Soros is a communist. Obama was a communist. The whole of Latin America is communist. Europe is communist. Putin is a communist. Everything and everyone is communist. And dissatisfied with already dominating the world, apparently the Communists want … to dominate even more what they already dominate? Who knows. Do not try to understand right-wing conspiracies. It does not make sense, nor does it try to make sense.

On the other side, with an even more hysterical mantra, a considerable part of the left insists that fascism (dead for more than 70 years) is lurking, about to seize power and impose its “dictatorship of radicalized capitalism.”

The theoretical-terminological concern is minimal. Fascism for them is basically becomes synonymous with any kind of right-wing authoritarianism, and in the most solipsistic scopes, fascism is basically any detachment from any of the liberal moral standards. Trump is fascist. Putin is fascist. Fear is fascist.

In both cases, there seems to be some kind of fetish for belonging to some form of oppressed and persecuted resistance, surviving in the “catacombs,” while the enemy is in power. In both cases, the basic perception that it is the very side in power seems to be lacking.

It is the right and left liberals that are in power, always arguing for “rational”, “sensible”, “moderate” and “moderate” power. But preserving the liberal monopoly on this power and even allied whenever any minimally exogenous political force threatens this monopoly.

With the veil of sclerotic and ghostly schizophrenia removed from the political theories of the last century, the truth is that the world today lives under liberal hegemony. Almost all countries in the world are governed by liberal political people and / or organizations, and they are the liberal values ​​that govern the political, economic, social, and cultural structuring of peoples.

Some of these liberals focus on trade liberalization, market freedom, privatization and other similar measures. Some others focus on gender ideology, quotas, gay adoption, abortion and other similar measures. There are still those liberals who are worried about the religious threats to the sacrosanct “secular state”. There are liberals of all kinds and with all possible approaches, but there are ONLY LIBERALS. Exceptions are minimal, random.

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There is not a single political, economic, moral, cultural, spiritual, or environmental tragedy of the last hundred years whose origin can not be attributed in any way to theoretical-philosophical liberalism and its derivatives.

In that sense, speaking of “communist threat” or “fascist threat” makes us reflect on what interests may hide behind this outdated propaganda. In fact, it seems evident that the overwhelming majority of people who handle these slogans are either confused seniors, or teenagers who have ingested too much soy, or simply mentally unbalanced people in general.

But behind these hordes of zombies are parties, think-tanks, intellectuals. It is very unlikely that these figures do not know that the outdated propaganda of anti-communism and antifascism serve to distract the masses from the only enemy, the one in power, liberalism.

They know. Far from the eyes of their sects composed of petty bourgeois lobotomized by television they embrace each other and cultivate personal and social bonds. The elite is one. She is global, and she knows that disputes among her members are nothing more than entertainment to keep boredom away.

Anti-communism and anti-fascism are the tools of an elite who intend to continue treating the people like cattle to be exploited, manipulated and discarded. To speak in anti-communism or anti-fascism in an era in which communism and fascism are DEAD and there is NO MORE is to take the side of liberalism.

The enemy of Brazil is one.
The enemy of the peoples of the world is one.

It is the global elite, international, stateless, uprooted. And this elite is liberal.


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