As Syria Nears VICTORY, Terrorist Destruction in Homs Totals $2 Billion


Terrorists have inflicted at least $2 billion in damages in the Syrian province of Homs, the region’s governor said on Wednesday.

“It is very difficult to talk about the damages in exact numbers now, but if we consider all the hospitals, schools, kindergartens, public institutions, homes destroyed, we can speak in figures that are around $2 billion,” said Talal Barazi to journalists.

He added that Homs was returning to normal life, as it was in 2010 before the crisis. Syrian and Russian forces are currently working on de-mining the province. 

Syria has been plunged into a deep imperialist war of aggression since 2011, with forces loyal to President Bashar Assad having to fight various armed jihadist groups and terrorist organizations such as ISIS and the Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front. Since 2015, Russia has fulfilled the immensely strategic role of aiding Damascus in the elimination of terrorist groups across the country, helping Damascus regain control of vast areas previously held by militants.

Last week the Russian Defense Refugee Reception Allocation and Accommodation Center reported that more than 1.7 million Syrian citizens who had left the country because of the war had already expressed a desire to return to their homes.

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Syrian President Assad has in turn expressed his desire for these refugees to return so that their manpower and expertise can help rebuild the country.

The 7-year war is steadily drawing to a triumphant conclusion for Syria with only small pockets of ISIS in eastern Syria and the jihadist-held Idlib province in northwest Syria to be dealt with. Another issue is also the Kurdish-held areas of Syria accounting for about 30% of Syrian territory.

Negotiations with Kurdish authorities are underway, with them demanding a federalized Syria or greater autonomy for the Kurdish-populated region. Damascus has yet to reveal its plans on this matter, but has consistently insisted on a unified, sovereign Syria. Whether this is with a federalized or autonomous system, or all power to remain in Damascus, remains to be seen. For now, Kurdish groups have pledged to join Syrian Arab Army forces in a new offensive to liberate the country’s north from terrorist groups.

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