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By Jonathan Azaziah

The alliance between the Resistance Axis and the Bolivarian Revolution remains robust! Hizbullah has fiercely and unabashedly condemned the US-‘Israeli’ assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying it comes amidst Zio-Imperialist conspiracies against all states across the globe which stand with the Palestinian cause and Washington’s desire to futilely uphold its hegemony.

The Lebanese Islamic Mouqawamah also slammed the American ZOG’s intervention in the affairs of Caracas and its seemingly never-ending desire to topple Bolivarianism by military, political and economic means.

Congratulating Maduro on surviving the attempt on his life and coming out not merely unscathed but also stronger, the Men of God saluted him for his courage, his steadfastness and his commitment to defying US pressures on his nation.

They also hailed the Venezuelan people for their own indomitable will and the fact they’ve come together and shown full support to their president, their government and their army. Hizbullah knows better than anyone what US-‘Israeli’ intimidation looks like.

For nearly four decades, the Party of ALLAH (SWT) has dealt with occupation, multiple invasions, murders of its top officials and commanders, sanctions (albeit totally ineffective in the grand scheme of things), psychological warfare, media attacks, political subversion, internal instability and terrorism. All because Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the moujahideen he commands have said, “No. We kneel before ALLAH (SWT) and ALLAH (SWT) only. Not you or your hegemony.”

The Chavistas have said and done the same. It this unshakeable rejectionist position that bonds Hizbullah and the Bolivarian Revolution so closely and powerfully together.

Indeed, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance concluded its statement by stating it is proud of its friendship with President Maduro and it is honored to have the loyalty of the Venezuelan people in their quest to resist.

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This has a historical context. During the 2006 July War – which we are still commemorating – El Comandante Hugo Chavez (rip) tore ‘Israel’ and its American backers to shreds for their genocidal war on the Lebanese people. The Bolivarian Revolution’s godfather’s heroic stance came as the “Arabs” and “Muslims” of the GCC aligned themselves with “Tel Aviv” in the exterminationist plot against the Resistance.

Of course it goes without saying that Hizbullah not only got through it but decisively and emphatically won the battle in a Divine Victory. Sayyed Abou Hadi publicly saluted Hugo, who still to this day holds the distinction of being the only head of state not in the Resistance Axis that the Hizbullah Secretary-General has heaped praised upon. Which means Maduro’s in good company. Very, VERY good company.

Long live the Lebanese Islamic Mouqawamah! Long live Chavismo and the Bolivarian Revolution! Salutes abound for the free peoples of Lebanon and Venezuela! And death to Empire Zionica!


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Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.



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