BACKFIRE: Failed Assassination of Maduro will Mobilize Venezuelan State

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Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is perfectly fine after an assassination attempt on his life in Caracas on August 4th.

The country’s information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, has confirmed that several drones loaded with explosives were used in the attempt on the Venezuelan leader’s life. This all happened during a Bolivarian National Guard ceremony, which resulted in the injury of seven soldiers. 

The president of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, has accused right-wing opposition groups of the terrorist attack. He wrote in a Tweet that:

“Right-wing forces are using violence in order to take over a place they could not get through the vote. Our brother-president Nicolas Maduro and the highest political and military leadership were not injured in the terrorist attack during the National Bolivarian Guard’s event. They cannot get us.”

This terrorist attack comes as the latest effort in a long line of attempts to topple the popular socialist project that has been in power since Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 1998.

Anyone who knows even a little bit of Venezuela’s recent history knows that these terrorist attacks are nothing new from the US-backed neoliberal opposition. This recent incident may serve as a reminder of the violent protests that lasted from April to August 2017 – these protests, initiated by the opposition, resulted in 124 deaths and over 1,200 injuries on both pro-government and anti-government sides.

The assassination attempt on the democratically elected president’s life comes at a time when the country is rife with economic and social tensions, with problems ranging from the CIA-backed opposition wreaking havoc on the streets and assassinating government officials to inflation due to an exodus of assets caused by speculation on the part of big business.

The security threat caused by violent opposition actions has prompted the government to rely on increased expansion of the police and military to maintain order in the country. Sanctions imposed by the US are met with the freezing of assets on the part of Maduro’s government.

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Thus, we can see that the Venezuelan government is taking increased steps to maintain national security and to control vital assets. With the limiting of parliamentary powers and the establishment of the constituent assembly, more control will be exercised via the state.

This failed attempt on Maduro’s life will most likely backfire, as it will prompt the government to expand their security forces. This will trigger a constitutional section which will grant the government further power in the name of defending the Bolivarian Revolution.

This point was first mentioned via social media, by FRN writer Haneul Na’avi. On a social media platform, he said:

In a recent statement, President Maduro proclaimed: “I tell the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, if someday something happens to me, they will have to face a people who will deal justice with their own hands.” This statement reflects the popular character of Maduro to the Venezuelan masses.

But for now, justice will be served by an increasingly mobilized state.

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