Bolton will make it to Kiev’s parade, but will the Ukrainian military gear?

Tank dies a smoking death in the main crossroads; Buk system misses a corner and crashes


Last week, the Ukrainian ambassador to the US boasted there would be a “plenipotentiary representative” at the independence Day parade. “I want to open the curtain a little. At the parade on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine there will be a plenipotentiary representative of the President of the United States. This is not just symbolism – it is a clear indication of the support of our strategic partner.”

Today we learn it will be John Bolton. Hurrah.

Guessing by the fiascos in the rehearsals that have made headlines, Bolton might be less than impressed, but President Poroshenko has assured all that the Independence Day Parade will cause an earthquake in Moscow.

Maybe so, but the signs are not so good. We read this yesterday in the Federal Russian News Agency:

“The first Ukrainian tank modernized to NATO standards a   “Yatagan” – did not reach the dress rehearsal for the military parade to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine. The fighting vehicle simply stalled at the crossroads in the center of Kiev.

“The tank died at the intersection of the streets of Marshal Rybalko and Vyacheslav Chernovil. According to eyewitnesses, smoke was streaming from the T-84-120. It stood there for a couple of hours, after which a truck removed the tank.

“Currently, the incident is engendering lovely comment in the social networks. Web users are coming up with reasons behind the failure of the T-84-120.”

But first, watch this part of the rehearsal in the video:

A sample of the comments:

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Because it was stuffed with Roshen Chocolate

The crew got tired of pedaling.

Easy solution: route the parade around the tank.

And the parade hasn’t even started: Ukrainians, leave town while there is still time.

I add my own comment: When the tanks die in the street, the haulers have rehearsed too, and will know what to do.

On the 19th, a Buk missile system crashed into a building. You can watch the video:

The video shows a column of military equipment passing by spectators. Apparently, the driver of the “Buk” air defense system failed to manage the corner and drove it into the building frightening the bystanders.

Recall earlier reported that an unusual accident occurred in the center of Kiev, when the “BuK” was returning from rehearsal of the military parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine.


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